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A handheld mirror can be a girl or boy’s best friend. In a world where convenience is everything, having a mirror with you on the go is surely essential to help you keep your appearance as you would wish. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t look to pay the same attention to your hand mirror as you would an over-mantle mirror or wall-hanging mirror. Take a tour of our online marketplace today and find the vintage hand mirror that will look as stunning on the go as it will perched on your dressing table.

Why choose vintage hand mirrors?

The very earliest mirrors may have been made from polished stones and metals but they were designed with the very same function in mind – to allow the viewer to see their own reflection.

As time drew on, mirrors became a staple on any dressing table, and no elegant lady would have been seen without a hand mirror in which to check her reflection and touch up her hair! By the time the 20th century rolled on, stylish young women of all classes were investing in beautiful hand mirrors which they could keep with them to check their reflection whenever necessary. Often these came as part of a vanity set and were a key feature of any lady’s cosmetics kit.

Hand mirrors are seen less and less these days, and many modern men and women rely on their mobile phones to show them their appearance! However, for anyone with a love of beautiful yet practical objects, vintage hand mirrors are the perfect accessory.

Vintage hand mirrors are all roughly the same size, being designed to fit comfortably in the hand without being to bulky or oversized but at the same time to be large enough to reflect the entire face.

Vintage hand mirrors are not only practical and useful items, they were also designed to be objects of beauty too. With decorative features such as painted details, engravings, jewels or ornate handles, they look just as beautiful when lying on the dressing table as they are practical when in use.

Finding the perfect vintage hand mirror

Hand mirrors are rarely found in shops these days since fashions have moved on. Shaving mirrors, wall mirrors and full-length mirrors are commonly seen, but the old-fashioned hand mirror is rarely in evidence. This is what makes vintage hand mirrors so special. They are a true reflection of the past, bringing back to life a bygone era of style and elegance.

With their decorative and ornate appearance, vintage hand mirrors are also an incredibly stylish addition to your dressing table. With their unique beauty, they can add a touch of retro sophistication to your boudoir in a way that no modern mirror could.

There is no easier or more subtle way to bring a little heritage and history into your life.

Shop for vintage hand mirrors with Vinterior

Whether you are searching for a vintage hand mirror to give as a gift to someone with a love of heritage elegance or whether you want to find a way to decorate your own dressing table in a unique and aesthetically appealing way, Vinterior has the solution for you. We strive to bring together a gorgeous selection of vintage and antique items that are sure to inspire and impress.

We have a beautiful range of vintage hand mirrors that are as beautiful as they are practical, and which will give you many years of stunning reflections.

Check out our selection of stunning vintage hand mirrors today and see the past looking back at you!

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