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A mirror is a vital component of many rooms in the home and no bedroom or dressing room would be complete without a full-length mirror to allow you to check your appearance. Vintage full-length mirrors have the capacity to add luxury and character to a room. As well as being a useful and, some would say, vital item in the bedroom, they can also add an artistic touch to the space as statement pieces. Explore Vinterior today and find vintage full-length mirrors to reflect your personality and taste.

What to look for from a vintage full-length mirror

There is no such thing as a classic vintage full-length mirror. Their look and design depend very much on their original purpose and the period in which they were created.

While some have minimalist frames made from metal or wood, others have ornate frames featuring carved details or embellishments. It is also possible to get frameless mirrors for your wall, a trend that was particularly popular in the Art Deco period where detailing and coloured glass were worked into the mirror but the mirror itself was not contained within a frame.

If you are looking for something more classically styled to add a touch of grandeur and opulence to a bedroom. Framed in rich woods with ornate swirls and complex shapes around the edges, vintage French mirrors typically feature bevelled glass for extra detailing. While some were made to hang on the wall, others are free-standing and can be tilted to show the user’s full reflection.

Looking for something more industrial? We even feature large grey concrete framed rectangular mirrors for a robust, monolithic addition to any bedroom or even hallway space. Or, if you prefer your mirror to be that little bit more restrained and understated, how about a simple mid-century rectangular teak framed mirror to maximise the natural light in your room?

Why invest in vintage full-length mirrors?

No bedroom is complete without a full-length mirror. Even the least vain of us needs to see our full reflection at one time or another, and a full length mirror is the perfect way to do it. Of course, you could easily choose one from a modern store, however none of them – even those which have taken their design inspiration from the past – have the same character and personality as a vintage mirror.

While mirrors have always had a practical function, ever since their earliest incarnations they have also been seen as objects of beauty. The ancient Egyptians, for example, had mirrors that were intricately embellished and carved. Even today, many modern mirrors have been ornately decorated.

Vintage full length mirrors reflect not only you yourself but also the heritage of its past. A vintage mirror can be a focal point of any space and will be a talking point amongst your visitors.

Find vintage full-length mirrors at Vinterior

When you need a gorgeous full-length mirror to complement your bedroom’s unique character, Vinterior is sure to have the ideal item for you.

We have a choice of stunning full length mirrors in a range of shapes, colours and designs that are sure to inspire you to bring the past back into your home.

Visit Vinterior today and discover our beautiful mirrors that reflect sophistication, elegance and taste. With more than a thousand registered sellers on our website, selling high quality and charming products, you can be confident that you’ll find the right piece for your home on our online marketplace.

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