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At once elegant and sumptuous, elaborate and refined, antique French mirrors are a wonderful addition to all styles of home. The careful craftsmanship of handmade traditional French decorative art pieces, as well as the quality of the materials used in the 18th and 19th centuries, make French antiques a fabulous choice for anyone looking to inject a touch of glamour and character to their interior space. The classic antique French mirror typically features elaborate carvings in gilt bronze. Elegant arched designs, symmetry and impeccable attention to detail are also the hallmarks of the style. By hanging an antique French mirror in your home you can create a lighter space, adorn a mantlepiece or make a statement. Both beautiful and useful, an antique mirror has much to offer. Discover the perfect mirror and find unique pieces that bring character and authenticity to your home design. Browse our ever-growing collection of antique French mirrors today.

Using Vintage French mirrors throughout your home

When you’re getting ready to leave the house, it’s important to check yourself from every angle to make sure you’re looking your best from head to toe. A dressing table mirror is perfect for your hair and make-up, but if you want to check your whole appearance, you’re going to need a full-length mirror.

Whether you opt for a full-length mirror that can be fastened to the wall or a free-standing design, it’s an excellent addition to any bedroom. The bathroom and dressing room, if you have one, are two other places where a full-length mirror can be an asset.

But mirrors are far more than simply functional, and the vintage French style is highly decorative and ornate. This means this style of mirrors really suit a bedroom, particularly if the decor is feminine or classic. Vintage style mirrors add a sophisticated touch to the room and can be used to enhance plain furniture or add a focal point. With a decorative finish that’s authentically appealing, vintage French mirrors suit flats, houses and more rural abodes such as farmhouses too.

There is a wide variety of French style from the intricacy of Rococo to the more understated beauty of Neoclassicism. Whether you’re looking for something flamboyant and fun, or a simple minimalist design, French vintage will offer something you like.

Although the function of mirrors in your bedroom and bathroom may be obvious, you shouldn’t skip the rest of your home, too. Choose a large and highly ornate design for your lounge and look for a space on the wall that suits its shape. Over the sofa or fireplace are two popular choices but opting for a more avant-garde position such as offset to the side will provide an individual finish that’s visually interesting. In the hall, choose a mirror that suits the shape and size available; even a small circular design can be practical as well as adding more light and air.

As well as being practical, mirrors are highly decorative and may add far more to a room than you may think. If any area in your home is small or dark, or you simply want to add more light, a mirror is the ideal solution. Position opposite a source of natural light and the mirror will bounce the light around the room, creating the sense of space and air.

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