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If you’re keen on creating a home that is bang on trend, beautiful and environmentally friendly, you can’t go wrong with choosing vintage furniture. Whether it’s been upcycled or retains its original appearance, vintage offers glamour combined with practicality. Even better, you won’t be using up natural resources either; re-homing and buying vintage pieces is about as eco-friendly as you can get. Vintage designs stand out from the crowd as they’re typically well-made from high grade materials, delivering exceptional quality at a great price. Vintage French furniture takes it one step further, offering elegance and beauty in a classic and timeless style. Take a look through our online catalogue here at Vinterior, to get inspiration on how a French style could suit your home.

Vintage French furniture – the pinnacle of style

The French style of furniture has a reputation for being particularly ornate and decorative, typically suiting homes with classic decor. However, not everyone realises that there are various styles of vintage French design, with some that suit more rustic settings and others that look good in a luxurious room. Here at Vinterior you’ll find a real selection of all the French vintage styles, so here’s a quick guide what’s on offer.

Chateau White: This style of French furniture is particularly versatile and will suit both contemporary and classic decor. Whether you’re living in a farmhouse or a city flat, the simple white finish complements every style. Coupled with pastel colours, white furniture can create a very feminine room but can also accentuate neutral and masculine spaces too; it’s all about the placement and how you use the piece. The white paint typically covers an expensive wood, such as mahogany, and is finished with intricate detailing, such as acanthus, swirls and flowers. Use in your kitchen and living areas, or in the bedroom for a fresh, clean look.

Moulin Noir: In direct contrast to the chateau white style there is Moulin noir, a style which is dark, mysterious and full of glamour. Moulin noir works particularly well in a vintage decor, adding a flash of opulence and more than a hint of movie star appeal, Hollywood style. If your home has a monochrome theme, this type of French vintage furniture will slot in perfectly. A black paint over high quality wood creates a boutique appearance which is daring, sophisticated and just that little bit racy. Perfect for bedrooms to add that extra touch of intrigue.

Gold and Silver Leaf: Gold leaf is a type of French furniture with its roots firmly in period pieces. From the reigns of Louis XV to that of Louise XVI, this type of opulent glamour in the Rococo era was all the rage. Although Neoclassicism may have taken its place and created a more subdued effect, the trend for the opulence of gold leaf remained. A slightly more contemporary look can be created with silver leaf, adding light and space to any of your rooms. With the standard silhouettes which are curvy and elegant, silver leaf suits the entire home.

French Louis Oak: A more solid style than the typical trademark French style, French Louis oak is positively regal. Perfect for a rural setting but looking equally comfortable in an urban family home, this vintage look is highly sought after. Combining chunky detailing with finesse, oak furniture looks good in every room.

Find all you need at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we don’t stick to just one style of vintage French furniture, and instead stock a diverse range, including all of the beloved styles listed above. From gilded mirrors to sturdy sideboards, you’ll find many different types of statement pieces to suit your home. Our collection of many thousands of items includes not only French vintage furniture, but vintage, antique, retro, upcycled and even contemporary furniture pieces from throughout history and across the globe. We are the number one online marketplace for unique furniture, offering only the most premium pieces with their own story to tell.

Explore what we’ve got on offer today and dare to be inspired in a completely new way.

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