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No vintage beach scene would be complete without a group of people relaxing in deck chairs! These seaside stables have been a key feature of back gardens, parks and seafronts for as long as any of us can remember and for many years before that if we take a look through history. If you want to elevate the elegance of your garden or perhaps add a touch of quirky charm to a living room in your house, why not explore our collection of vintage deck chairs today.

Why choose vintage deck chairs?

The earliest deck chairs to arrive in the UK came into existence in around 1860. Originally called steamer chairs, these folding seats were found on ships, allowing passengers to recline and enjoy the views over the water. Since they were used on deck, the name deck chair began to be used to describe these comfortable seats.

Due to the rigours of life on the water these early deck chairs had to be made from hard-wearing materials, while their folding ability meant that they could be stored away easily when not in use. Soon, they spread to public places like parks and seafronts where day trippers could pay a small fee for the use of a deck chair during the day to take advantage of the sun, sea and sand.

When homeowners began to move into properties with their own gardens, deck chairs became a common feature in back gardens – ideal for bringing out of the shed if and when the sun ever shone! Even today, deck chairs are incredibly popular and are frequently taken camping and to the seaside to allow for comfortable and portable seating.

While there are many modern deck chair designs in a variety of fabrics and materials, there’s nothing quite like a classic vintage deck chair. Whether made of plastic or aluminium a contemporary deck chair has all of the function but none of the charm of a traditional deck chair – and so if you want your garden, conservatory or even play room to be a place of character and fun, going vintage is the only way.

Thanks to their retro style, vintage deck chairs also add additional aesthetic appeal and authentic heritage into your garden. You can achieve a truly stylish look on the sunniest days of the year with gorgeous vintage deck chairs from Vinterior.

Incorporating vintage deck chairs in the home

Most vintage deck chairs have a wooden frame. This makes them exceptionally robust and also more visually appealing. The cloth seat has a looser appearance than the material used to make today’s modern versions and often features striped or colourful fabrics to catch the eye and capture the summer spirit. Some even have longer length frames to allow the sitter to put their feet up and recline more fully for an even more relaxing experience.

You may find, however, that in cases where the vintage fabric has become tired or worn, our sellers have replaced the cloth with a new fabric. Whether you are looking for a traditional striped look or perhaps want a bold pop of colour for your conservatory or patio, enjoy exploring the selection featured here on our online marketplace.

Shop for vintage deck chairs with Vinterior

Vinterior is dedicated to sourcing and supplying an enormous range of beautiful vintage, retro and antique items for your home. Our range of stunning vintage deck chairs is sure to catch the eye of your neighbours and help you to enjoy your garden even more when the sun shines.

Check out our selection of gorgeous vintage deck chairs today and sunbathe or relax retro style.