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A vintage corner sofa will add a nostalgic touch to your home. It can deliver that extra bit of class, that small (or large!) indicator demonstrating that the owner has chosen this piece deliberately and carefully to make a statement. Corner sofas also make excellent use of space – they flow with the room, working with the walls and your colour palette to help bring your entire living area together. Vintage corner sofas can be bold pieces and when you choose a model with a heritage vibe you can really help to make your living room grab attention. Browse our collection of vintage corner sofas now.

Why choose vintage corner sofas?

Corner sofas can be both practical and incredibly powerful aesthetic additions to your home. Most of us consider the corner sofa to be a great way to save space and maximise seating room – and this is certainly true. By using the extremities of the room for seating, more of the space in the centre of the room is freed up. Yet L-shaped sofas can also be used intelligently within large, open-plan living areas as a clever divider between sections of a room. The sofa itself may act as the partition between the lounge space and a dining or kitchen area.

Regardless of where you position your corner sofa in your room, the simple fact is that purchasing a large piece of furniture should never be taken lightly. And by choosing a vintage corner sofa you can help to make your interior design both more attractive and also characterful.

Vintage corner sofas often come in the familiar fabrics and leather that you would expect from a new or contemporary sofa today, yet the build quality can be superior to the mass-produced pieces of today, which often simply aren’t designed to last a lifetime.

Choosing a vintage sofa is a statement of not only embracing the past but of recognising the value of the workmanship and the materials. Rather than the disposable furniture of the modern day, vintage corner sofas bring the past into the modern environment, to complement your other choices. This may be a “statement piece” amongst newer items, demonstrating the longevity of the skills of the craftsman.

Take, for example, a 1960s Guillerme & Chambron corner sofa with integral coffee table, featuring a light oak frame and velvet upholstery. Or perhaps you would prefer an Italian leather sofa from the 1980s in cognac leather. Whichever style suits your décor, these pieces are designed to provide both incredible comfort and also add elegance and sophistication to a room.

While a vintage piece will often show some signs of wear on the leather or fabric, this can add further character – particularly if you are looking to generate a shabby chic or an industrial vibe in your living space.

Alternatively, there are many vintage sofas here at Vinterior that have been fully reupholstered by our expert sellers. In many cases, bold and modern fabric has been used in conjunction with the heritage frame to generate a terrific blend of old and new – ideal if you really want to add a statement piece to an otherwise quiet or understated living area.

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