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The recent trend of open storage for clothing has transformed racks & rails from flimsy student fixes to attractive furniture that brings some fun in showing off your wardrobe. If you are a little shy about having your own clothes exposed, rails and racks will serve just fine in the hallways and guest bedrooms, too. What’s interesting, you can combine a few rails to create a walk-in wardrobe. If you want to be bold with your open storage the only place to start is with a vintage clothes rack or rail. With an incredible selection of storage solutions from across the last century and beyond, our online marketplace is the only place you need to look to find the piece of furniture you desire. Explore our website now.

Features to look out for in vintage clothes racks & rails

The primary function of hanging clothes remains the same no matter where you purchase your storage solution from; yet the quality and aesthetic of the rack or rail you purchase can vary wildly. Whether you want a simple clothes rack to hold coats and scarves in your porch or you want to provide yourself with handsome hanging space in a bedroom that is too compact for a big wardrobe, there’s never any reason why you should sacrifice style (unless it’s your clothes letting you down, of course).

While it may be tempting to simply purchase a cheap and cheerful rack or rail from the local high street store, it is worth bearing in mind how an unsightly and unstable piece might affect the overall look of your home. This is particularly true if your rack is intended for a porch or hallway, where it is the first thing people see when they enter your home and the last thing they see before they leave.

Vintage clothes racks and rails have been round for many years but they can vary quite dramatically in size and convenience. For example, you may want to opt for a 1960s wall mounted clothes rail and hat rack. This type of piece takes up very little space in your home and yet if you buy one made of attractive solid wood board accompanied by aluminium rail and hooks, you can elevate your home to a different level of interior style.

Want a clothes rail for a guest bedroom that will accommodate the contents of your friends’ overnight bag? How about a vintage Boho coat and hat stand made in bamboo rattan? Simply add hangers to the arms of this rack and you will add functionality to this sculptural piece, which can sit conveniently in the corner of your guest bedroom.

Another important consideration when fitting a rail or rack is the height of it. It goes without saying that you’re supposed to match your height to that of the clothes rack. You don’t want a vintage clothes rack to rock your bedroom’s look but give you a headache when hanging your clothes due to a height mismatch.

Shop for vintage clothes racks & rails with Vinterior

If you are looking to make a statement with your clothes storage or you are simply too short on space for a full wardrobe, choosing a vintage clothes rack or rail can be a terrific alternative. And thanks to our national network of more than a thousand trusted sellers, there is nowhere better to source your heritage piece from. Explore our online marketplace today.