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Love the look of a chesterfield armchair? Then it is worth remembering that there’s more to the chesterfield style than a single seater chair? Vintage Chesterfield furniture includes an array of seating options, including sofas, stools, office chairs, swivel chairs and even seating accessories such as foot stools. These are available in many different colours and designs. However, the sofas and seats have the instantly recognisable chesterfield design feature, where the arm rest aligns with the back of the seat and the leather is pinned with buttons. Typical features across all of our Chesterfield products are evident in the way they’re manufactured. They include a strong frame made of polished hardwood. The seating is then padded to give it the desired shape and then covered in leather. A flagship feature of vintage Chesterfield furniture are the decorative elements that are included, such as studs or buttons.

Benefits of vintage chesterfield furniture

Vintage chesterfield furniture doesn’t go out of fashion. They are timeless pieces for your home that are guaranteed to remain unique and elegant. They can be seamlessly added to traditional and more modern interiors without looking out of place. In fact, placing a piece of vintage chesterfield furniture around modern décor can enhance their character and make them become a stunning focal point.

As our Chesterfield furniture is genuine vintage, you may expect to see some signs of wear and tear, but due to their exceptional materials focusing on longevity and durability these are typically just cosmetic and can actually enhance the aesthetic. After all, who doesn’t love the shabby chic appearance of worn leather that has softened over time and provides real comfort combined with an unrefined finish. If you are looking for a casual seating area in a snug or home office, a vintage chesterfield sofa or armchair could be just the solution.

By investing in a vintage piece, you are choosing exquisite craftsmanship over mass produced furniture, which can have many benefits. Not only will you have the pleasure of enjoying a well-made piece of furniture, crafted using skills that are hard to find today, but you are also making a wise decision for the environment. Furniture made today is rarely built to last, which only adds to a cycle of fast fashion and waste. Vinterior's furniture is well made with only the finest materials, ensuring that you will enjoy your piece of Chesterfield furniture for many years to come.

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At Vinterior, our customers can enjoy a wealth of choice thanks to the large number of furniture dealers that specialise in different design eras and styles. We provide furniture from many different sellers so that our customers can take advantage of more styles from one place. All of our dealers are celebrated within their respective areas, so you can be sure you’re receiving authenticity and quality.

Chesterfield furniture is thoroughly popular 300 years on from its first creation. Performing well in both traditional and contemporary homes, your vintage Chesterfield furniture will bring class and style to any home. Browse our collection of vintage chesterfield furniture now.

If you are looking to complete the full vintage look throughout the entire household, be sure to check out the rest of the website and fill your home with only the best vintage products.