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The bathroom is a room in the house where function, hygiene and cleanliness are often prioritised over creative decor. However, if you opt for a retro style you can have the best of everything without needing to compromise. Mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom but rather than opting for contemporary styling, vintage bathroom mirrors can help with the overall look. Individual, distinctive and unique, it’s a simple way to make sure your bathroom expresses your personal taste. Here at Vinterior you’ll find we have a wide variety of vintage bathroom mirrors to choose from. Have a look at our online catalogue and get some inspiration about how you could accessorise your decor.

Vintage bathroom mirrors: choosing your frame

Once you’ve chosen the size, placement and shape of your mirror, the next biggest decision is the frame. This will have a huge influence on the overall appearance of the mirror and can make or break your decor. There are countless different styles but these can be roughly grouped as follows:Frameless

If you’ve opted for a minimalist and contemporary style, you can still enjoy vintage pieces by using frameless mirrors. This is a style that works particularly well in smaller bathrooms as it creates the illusion of space without overcrowding. Danish Modern and other Scandinavian styles suit frameless mirrors, as can be seen in designs by the likes of Arne Jacobsen who often opted for this kind of clean and structural approach.


If you can’t resist a bit of bling, a gilded mirror is the ultimate pampering accessory. French styles from the neoclassical era are more antique than vintage, but bring a beautiful look to your bathroom and offer a touch of luxury.


If shabby chic is more your style, a wooden bathroom mirror will fit in well. You can either paint these yourself or buy one that has been aged and distressed already. Not everyone likes a wooden frame in a bathroom because of the damp atmosphere but they can look particularly striking in a farmhouse-style decor.


Mirrors that are surrounded by bevelled edges can be a great way to bounce around light in your bathroom, creating a bright and airy space. Mirrors with this type of surround can either be distressed for a more vintage feel or come in a pristine design, more in keeping with Art Deco. This style works well with the majority of themes, proving to be a very versatile choice.

Ornate or Sculptural

This style of mirror covers a wide range of styles from the Rococo carved offerings to Art Deco mirrors such as Luigi Fontana. Ornate or sculpted mirrors look particularly good in large and traditional bathrooms and when paired with a clawfoot bath-tub make the perfect partner.


If you love a modern and funky look, and don’t mind a hint of futuristic space age, a true retro design could be for you. Look out for unusual shapes and flowing lines from designers such as Curver, popular in the 1970s.

You might find some other vintage bathroom mirrors that don’t fit any of the above such as backlit mirrors, but we think we’ve got the main ones covered right here!

Vintage bathroom mirrors: find your perfect style at Vinterior

If you are looking for vintage bathroom mirrors, browse our extensive collection here at Vinterior and we are confident that you will find a piece to add the right look and character to your bathroom.

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