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Some pieces of furniture just scream luxury, and the bar cart is surely one of them. While sofas, beds and dining tables are absolute necessities in any functioning home, the bar cart is without a doubt a luxury item. These are the kinds of pieces which can elevate the look and feel of your home, helping it feel like your own personal space. A bar cart is an item that evokes images of parties, celebrations and family gatherings. It’s a piece of furniture which has been designed to be enjoyed, bringing a touch of fun and eclectic excitement to your home. Discover a stunning collection of vintage bar carts right here at Vinterior, and get inspired to transform your home.

Why choose vintage bar carts?

Lately, the bar cart has made a serious comeback. Whether it was the cocktail renaissance of the early 2000s or the iconic aesthetics of cult classics like ‘Mad Men’, it seems like the humble drinks trolley has made its way firmly back under the spotlight of luxury interior design.

But in order to truly appreciate the effect a bar cart can have on a space, you need to first understand its history. The bar cart first came into popular culture during the Victorian era, when it was more commonly used as a tea trolley rather than a place to store your spirits and mixers. Then, in the roaring 20s and 30s, the bar cart became less about tea time and more about party time. This reflected the strong aesthetic of this time, with the Art Deco movement celebrating all things bold, luxurious and indulgent. This is something that is present in the vintage bar carts, as the vintage era also found its feet during this time.

Introducing a vintage bar cart into your home

Smoked glass, gold framing, geometric designs and luxurious finishes all ensure that early 20th century vintage bar carts stand out in any setting. These older models make the perfect addition to a luxury dining room, especially when decorated with ornaments which celebrate the Art Deco aesthetic. When we think of Art Deco culture, we think of Gatsby-style parties featuring bowties, flapper dresses and – of course – plenty of refreshing cocktails. This is exactly the aesthetic you get with an early 20th century bar cart; the very height of luxury.

Alternatively, mid-century bar carts are also reflective of their time in terms of design. During the 50s and 60s, furniture took a sleeker, chicer approach to design, reflected in the use of clean lines, slim legs and smooth finishes, as well as the use of materials like teak. These elements help make mid-century bar carts a subtler, though no less sophisticated option for sprucing up your dining room with a historical luxury piece.

Why shop for vintage bar carts with Vinterior?

A vintage bar cart isn’t exactly the kind of furniture you’d find in your local high street furniture chain. This is luxury furniture built with character and quality in mind. Luckily, that’s exactly what we specialise in here at Vinterior.

Our collection of vintage, antique and retro furniture contains thousands of individual items to inspire your home design, listed by more than one thousand trusted sellers, designers and brands. We even house an extensive range of high quality upcycled, salvaged and contemporary furniture items, too, with all the charm and focus on quality you’d expect from vintage pieces.

Add a touch of decadence to your dining room by exploring the beautiful collection of vintage bar carts available at Vinterior.

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