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When you think of vintage furniture, chances are you think of the ornate wooden pieces of the early 20th century, with plenty of flourish and lavish detailing. In some cases, this is true but it’s important to remember that ’vintage’ can mean many different things. It can even refer to electronics. This is best demonstrated by brands such as Bang & Olufsen. Their 20th century statement electronics have reached iconic status, and can be used to create some stunningly unique pieces of furniture. Discover our collection of vintage Band & Olufsen furniture right here at Vinterior, and get inspired to change your home design in unique ways.

Vintage Bang & Olufsen – bridging heritage with forward-thinking

For almost a century, Bang & Olufsen has been creating high-end consumer electronics, audio products, telephones and television sets. Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen founded the brand back in 1925, with Bang concentrating on the technology and Olufsen dealing with the business side of things. The pair went on to create some truly game-changing pieces within their industry. Chief among these was a high-end radio designed to work with alternating current. At the time, this was highly significant as most radios were still running on batteries.

Today, the billion-pound Danish brand is made up of more than 2,000 employees, and is known for its sleek, angular creations. In 2015, the company even replaced Beats Electronics as the new premium audio partner for HP.

Introducing vintage Bang & Olufsen furniture into your home

Many of Bang & Olufsen’s designs are now synonymous with 20th century Danish interior design. This means plenty of clean lines, slim silhouettes, shining metallics and meticulous finishes. These are electronics that love chic simplicity and run with it, whether it’s a television, a radio or a telephone.

A vintage Bang & Olufsen piece of tech is a desirable feature in any home, adding a sense of history and class to a living room or kitchen. The company is also responsible for many attractive home accessories like clocks, which boast the same sleek designs as their electronics.

Even if you’re not looking for electronic equipment for your home, you can still enjoy the iconic look of vintage Bang & Olufsen creations. This is thanks to the talent and dedication of sellers and designers who use Bang & Olufsen pieces as the basis of new and exciting items of quirky furniture. Through upcycling and repurposing, old electronic equipment from the brand can be turned into attractive furniture, such as a coffee table made using a Bang & Olufsen television screen.

These unique pieces are the kind to instantly make a statement, so whether you’re looking to add to an already quirky space, or provide a neutral area with an intriguing centrepiece, upcycled Bang & Olufsen furniture is a great option.

Shop vintage Bang & Olufsen and more at Vinterior

Repurposed and vintage Bang & Olufsen furniture isn’t exactly something you’re going to find in your local high street store, and relying on your local vintage market to provide could take a while. Thankfully, Vinterior is the largest online marketplace for unique furniture, featuring many thousands of individual pieces from more than one thousand trusted sellers and celebrated brands and designers.

Our collection features furniture from across time, including antique, vintage, retro and even contemporary furniture. Find what your home needs in our collection today.

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