Vintage & Antique Rocking Horses

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The simple charm of a rocking horse could make an impressive addition to your home décor and provide smaller members of your family with hours of enjoyment. We have an exciting range of vintage and antique rocking horses that span various eras and countries of origin. These have all had care and attention put into them, and in many cases have a long history behind them. There is bound to be something here that catches your eye. Whether you are looking for a true Victorian horse or the rudimentary but stylish wooden horses of the 60s and 70s, they are included here. Have a browse of our delightful collection to find your new favourite antique.

Playtime from the past

With these rocking horses, history is literally woven into their manes. Many have required repairing but have been restored to former glories and are looking for new homes. Rocking horses from one of the longest established English rocking horse maker Collinson are made to be robust and are a classic example of the timeless appeal of this furniture item.

Some of the Rocking Horses survive only as display items due to their age but some still hold onto that timeless ability to provide fun and enjoyment for children. Vintage Rocking Horses from designers such as Kay Bojesen have a robust and childlike appeal that would make a stunning edition to any Danish inspired décor. The Scandinavian minimalism coupled with playful entertainment makes these items a must have.

There is also a wealth of character in the many French designed rocking horses we sell. Amongst these are small, primitive wooden horses with interesting designs and even some with metal frames and leather bodies.

Why buy antique or vintage with Vinterior?

Here you will find some of the best vintage and antique rocking horses on the web. We believe there is a joy you get from buying antique that you simply cannot get from buying new and this is especially true when buying something as playful as a rocking horse.

Memories are made with the toys and unique items you have in your house and these items have all been well loved. In some cases there will be a specific story behind the piece such as who owned it for most of its life. Alternatively, the designer may be of interest to you and their pieces may not be widely available any more. An added benefit is that an item such as a rocking horse is a great conversation starter for house parties or entertaining guests.

Saddle up and begin your journey

Take your time to browse through the many wonderful designs we have. They are all complete with numerous photos which show all sides of these noble steeds. We are sure you will enjoy our catalogue and you never know, you might come across something special that you just can’t wait to get your hands on. If you hadn’t considered the benefits of an antique rocking horse before then maybe this has inspired you to look further into it and consider the different designs and styles available.

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