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Time is something that fascinates us all. Whether it’s understanding how we manage our own daily lives; or tracking our performance on a run or bike ride, keeping an eye on the time is something we do constantly. Perhaps it is for this reason that timepieces are so important to us. From watches as jewellery to statement heirlooms in the hallways of our home, a timepiece must marry functionality with style for many of us. If you are looking for a timepiece that is elegant and grand, look no further than the impressive collection of vintage and antique grandfather clocks here at Vinterior. Enjoy exploring our listings and perhaps you will discover something that would make a stunning addition to your house.

What to look for in a vintage and antique grandfather clock

Whatever your personal attraction to the grandfather clock, be it the beautiful wooden construction, the intricate designs and attention to detail or the intriguing mechanical nature of the pendulum system within, there is something universally appealing in these clocks.

All our clocks have been crafted with the finest wood, whether that is mahogany, oak or maple. There is a real sense of weight and presence to these timepieces that ensures you will not be disappointed.

Grandfather clocks were typically the most reliable form of time keeping for households in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. As such, they took pride of place in hallways and living rooms. Maybe it could take that place again in your home. There is something deeply satisfying about the chime of a grandfather clock at set times in the day, a sound which fills a house with a homely, comforting feel.

Here we have a mixture of the more heavily sought after 8-day grandfather clocks which have two weights allowing for an 8 day cycle and the more affordable but equally stunning 30 hour clocks – each with its own intricate design and accompanying sense of style and personality.

A clock that tells a story

The great thing about Vinterior’s antique collections is that each item tells a different story. Many have been used and have held pride of place in someone’s home and they all have the craftsman’s touch. Many have unique features that are there due to the care and attention afforded them during manufacture. Additions like swan neck pediments, decorative artistry around the dial and reeded columns really add a sense of timeless grandeur to these large stalwarts of the Victorian home.

If you are a collector of antique items of furniture or want to decorate your house with a certain style then buying antique is the way to go. We have clocks from respected manufacturers such as WM Hargravers and W Prior Skipton which all have their trademarks engraved or included on attached plaques, giving them that extra level of prestige.

Why Vinterior?

If you would love to hear the chime of a grandfather clock in your home but don’t know which style or period of timepiece to incorporate, we suggest that it is well worth your time investigating the various options available here at Vinterior. As the number one online marketplace for antique and vintage furniture, we are confident that you will find the grandfather clock that’s right for your home and your décor, right here on our listings. So, get searching.

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