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A Victorian bedroom is an incredible thing to behold. Plush fabrics and textures, four-poster beds and extraordinary woodwork with ornate carvings. Diving into a Victorian bed after a long day, or waking up to an exquisitely decorated Victorian bedroom is a luxurious experience. Who wouldn’t want a taste of the Victorian era in their bedroom? If your room isn’t fully decorated in Victorian furnishings and décor, that’s not a problem. You can still bring the Victorian era into your home without dialling your whole house back two centuries. By adding just one piece of standout Victorian furniture, you can add the opulence of a classic Victorian bedroom without making any drastic changes. Browse the Vinterior collection of Victorian wardrobes today and find inspiration.

Why choose a Victorian wardrobe?

Our collection of Victorian wardrobes has a variety of options available, to suit any room of any style. Pine, mahogany, walnut and ash were popular woods in their day, and were the main materials in the construction of a solid, sturdy Victorian wardrobe. While most Victorian wardrobes are very large, as they were usually found in terribly grand households, they are worth the size and space. Practical as they are beautiful, you’ll find that not only will your wardrobe be spacious, it will also last for many years.

This kind of Victorian furniture was very much sought after in its day. As mass-produced factory furniture began to grow, even more emphasis was put on the creation of incredible hand-crafted items among the upper classes. Owning handmade furniture was seen as an expression of one’s wealth and privilege, and the rich deliberately avoided the more efficient factory produced furniture.

Many of these handmade furnishings can be found today on the listings of our online marketplace. It would not have been unusual for a Victorian aristocrat or royal to have a wardrobe in their home that is very similar to the pieces you see in our collection. Their quality is evident just by looking at them, and you can rest easy knowing that a Victorian wardrobe from us will last many more years yet.

No matter how modern your home is, a Victorian wardrobe will fit well into any bedroom. Victorian styles are still popular in furnishings today, and still inspire design. As you look through our collection, you’ll notice that several of our Victorian wardrobes have been painted and upcycled, helping to keep our wardrobes up to date with current fashions without damaging the piece.

If you are a fan of pre-loved furniture, we highly recommend one of the upcycled pieces – they are incredibly versatile and carry the recent vintage look that many people love. We do, of course, have many Victorian wardrobes that have been left untouched by today’s fashions and look as they always have. You’ll enjoy how well crafted and designed they are – using skills that are very hard to find in designers today.

The Victorian era was known for its prosperity in all areas, and oversaw lots of change to British life as we know it today. Whether you are looking to adopt the Victorian look across an entire room in your home or you simply want to punctuate a more modern aesthetic with a Victorian wardrobe, explore our website today.