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Victoria umbrella stands add a touch of class and personality to what can be a fairly anonymous space – the hallway. Sharing the area with an elegant coat stand, a vintage telephone table, a handy mirror shelf, or even a wrought iron boot scraper, Victorian umbrella stands can set the tone for your home as a whole. Like evening gloves or decorative hat pins, the umbrella stand may not be either as necessary or as ubiquitous as it once was, but these gorgeously well-designed and character-drenched pieces add an unmistakeable touch of retro glamour and whimsy. If you’re looking for the ideal Victorian umbrella stand for your home, why not take some time out to browse the Vinterior range for inspiration?

Victorian umbrella stands: what you should know

The umbrella, or parasol, has been in existence to protect us from rain and shine since ancient times. In Europe they were sometimes considered a sign that the user couldn’t afford a carriage – and was therefore of the lower orders. However, during the late 1700s, they began to throw off this image, and as Victoria’s reign began, the umbrella was becoming an increasingly common sight. Spotting an opportunity to make money, the country’s furniture makers and crafts people set about designing and manufacturing a hugely diverse selection of Victorian umbrella stands to keep homes tidy and protect flooring from those dripping brollies.

One popular and affordable style was the bamboo umbrella stand. Simple, geometric and sometimes featuring a brightly-coloured tiled back, this is a great, easy-to-use piece in the modern home. If you’re on the search for something robust, or you live in a home with a large hallway, a cast iron umbrella stand may be the answer. Very heavy, with a wide drip area and rising to around hip height, these pieces are frequently combined walking stick and umbrella stands. Real statement pieces, cleaned up and holding one or two full-length brollies, and perhaps a parrot’s head polished walking stick, they look fantastic.

During the Victorian era, ceramicists also seized upon the growing trend for umbrella use. They created outsized, vase-shaped stands in a vast range of designs. Of course, thanks to the material itself, fewer of these ceramic stands still exist so finding one is a treat. Echoing the simplicity of the ceramic umbrella stand’s shape, were tubular painted metal stands. These pieces are from later in the Victorian period and are associated with the Arts & Crafts movement that was gathering momentum around this time. Sometimes featuring polished copper as an accent colour against ebony black, they look chic in a more compact hallway.

Is a Victorian umbrella stand right for you?

When you choose an antique piece of furniture, particularly a Victorian one, you’re investing in an object that’s simply saturated in heritage. If you are considering buying a Victorian umbrella stand, consider how this statement piece might fit with the décor in your hallway or porch. And consider, too, how such a piece might add to the aesthetic of your home in a way that a cheap piece of flat-pack furniture simply can’tCreating your personal look at home is a fun activity, and one we think everyone should relish. Selecting the pieces of furniture you adore and mixing different styles to express your unique personality is an ongoing process. Use our website to explore your favourite eras and the many ways crafts people renovate vintage furniture to suit the contemporary home.