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While for us, the idea of a stool is a fairly simple one, for the Victorians a stool performed many purposes and took numerous forms. Used as a vessel to showcase fine needlepoint in the parlour, to rest and warm one’s feet in draughty carriages, for two to use shoulder-to-shoulder playing piano duets, or even just to sit on around the kitchen table, this is an exceptionally versatile piece of furniture. Victorian stools in all their many guises can look fantastic in a well-styled modern home. Take a look at the Victorian stools currently for sale here at Vinterior and keep checking back to browse all our antique and reconditioned furniture.

Why choose Victorian stools?

The stool, an infinitely straightforward seating concept, is one the Victorians loved to doctor and embellish for their own purposes. Using walnut, pine, oak and other popular woods of the day, they created rustic stools for servants’ quarters, finely-crafted occasional stools for ladies at tea parties and heavy, sturdy stools for use in industrial settings. The sheer variation of Victorian stools on the market means you’ll have no challenge in identifying the ideal one for your home.

Creating intricate needlepoint depicting bucolic scenes or floral motifs was a popular pastime for Victorian women, who always needed somewhere to show off their skills. As well as framing their designs and using them on soft furnishings and fire screens, they would use them to cover stool seats. Examples of this survive today and can be found right here at Vinterior. Look out for squat, circular footstools made of highly polished walnut and featuring pretty needlepoint designs that have been lovingly laboured over.

If you are looking for a stool that’s more practical, a piano or dressing table stool could be the answer. You may even be fortunate enough to find a stool with an adjustable seat, proper upholstery and the mahogany inlaid legs so popular towards the end of the Victorian era.

One of the easiest ways to introduce a touch of 19th century charisma to your home is to invest in a handful of salvaged Victorian farmhouse or workshop stools. More rustic in their finish than some other furniture from the period, and often featuring the visible wear and tear of regular use, these work brilliantly when mixed and matched with other chairs and stools of different styles. Those with more refined tastes, and a beautiful window space or hallway to furnish, might be more interested in a Victorian piano stool, complete with lift-up seat to store sheet music or other important papers. This type of piece was frequently made using high quality walnut wood, and featuring tapered legs, meticulously inlaid panels, and carefully turned arms or carrying handles.

Victorian Carriage Stool

More unusual is the Victorian carriage stool. This is a long footstool designed to lift multiple carriage passengers’ feet off the cold floor of the vehicle they were travelling in. Made variously with and without generous upholstered tops, these items can still be put to their original use, in a classically decorated living room.

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