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Wood panelling was a mainstay of the Victorian household, adding an air of sophistication to many rooms. Usually in walnut, oak or mahogany, Victorian panelling was often waxed or varnished to highlight the grain of the wood. Alternatively, panels could be painted or stained to add texture and depth to the walls. As fashions have changed over the years, homes have frequently been stripped of their original panelling in favour of plain painted walls or wallpaper. However, this trend has been reversed in recent years and original panelling is very much in demand once again. Reclaimed panelling from Victorian homes is highly sought after, and simple wall panels can greatly enhance your period property. Browse Vinterior’s range of Victorian panelling today for inspiration.

Why choose Victorian panelling?

Antique panelling can enhance just about every room and space in your home. From the sitting room to the hallway, the bathroom to the stairs, used wisely and sympathetically you can recreate the Victorian feel while mixing with modern furnishings for a contemporary look.

Panelling can be found in a variety of sizes, depending on ceiling heights. Smaller half-height panels are also popular, as they can be paired with decorative wallpaper or damasks, highlighting the flora and fauna patterns that were popular during the Victorian era. Consider mixing panel heights for a truly unique feature wall.

Are you looking to create a traditional Victorian dining suite to host stylish and glamorous dinner parties? Why not consider dark stained panelling for some vintage elegance? If you have sash windows, panels on either side can enhance the look. An original Victorian stained-glass window paired with vintage panelling will amaze your guests. Add stained panelling to your bathroom to complement a classic Victorian style bathroom suite.

Period elegance can be achieved in almost every room with careful consideration. Think about whether you want the look throughout your house, in just one room or even just one wall as a vintage feature. Add authentic half Doric columns for an extra touch of class and sophistication. While fashions change, there is a great satisfaction in bringing a Victorian property back to its original glory. Victorian panelling is the ideal way to restore a classic look while also giving you the opportunity to add your own modern twist.

Reclaimed panelling from Victorian homes is elegant. However, if you are looking for something a bit quirkier and with a wealth of history behind it, search for reclaimed panels from churches, schools and other Victorian buildings of note. If you are looking for Victorian Gothic or something more industrial, we have a number of options. When buying from Vinterior, you are buying a piece of history and reclaimed pieces quite often state where they were reclaimed from so you have a real sense that you are getting a piece of Victorian heritage.

Whether you want to restore classic Victorian elegance to your home or mix and match wall panels to create an exciting feature, you won’t regret bringing reclaimed panels back to life. Capture the feel of a Victorian home by adding authentic Victorian panelling to your house. With more than a thousand trusted sellers listing antique and vintage furniture pieces on our online platform, Vinterior is the place to discover everything from kitchen dressers to Victorian panelling. Explore the website today to bring warmth, texture and Victorian authenticity into your rooms.