Victorian Nursing Chairs

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Often opulent and elaborate, the Victorian style allowed the emerging middle classes to indulge themselves with a taste of regal living. The Victorian nursing chair, whilst often beautiful, was a very practical piece of furniture. Designed to aid mothers caring for infants it was typically low seated to allow corset-wearing mothers to deal with their children without bending over. Today it can be both a functional and fashionable addition to your home, whether it is in the centre of your living room or in the corner of the nursery. Explore Vinterior’s range of Victorian nursing chairs to discover something that is as elegant and versatile today as it was in the late nineteenth century.

Why choose Victorian nursing chairs?

While you may think that Victorian nursing chairs would all be one and the same, with very little variation in design, you would be wrong. In fact, nursing chairs took on a range of different shapes, sizes and colours over time. Some come with arms, some without; some have a high back and others a low-slung back; some may be plain and others elegantly patterned. But all of the Victorian nursing chairs you will find here at Vinterior share certain characteristics such as being partially upholstered and having wooden legs.

A variety of woods were used, usually oak, mahogany or walnut. However, rosewood and satinwood were also popular. Ornately carved legs were a regular feature to add opulence to a practical piece of furniture, but they were also often found with cabriole style or a straight-legged spindle design. The nursing chair can be used for its original purpose in a child’s nursery or it could be added to a living room or bedroom as a stand-alone decorative piece. Oozing charm and character, they would lift any space.

A bit more about Victorian nursing chairs

With consumer demand growing, the variety of styles grew during the Victorian era. Plain but elegant contrasted with exquisitely designed needlepoint tapestries. Whether you are going for the full Victorian look or need one signature piece to add to your modern home, a Victorian nursing chair will be the ideal addition. Pair a plain upholstered chair with a needlepoint tapestry cushion to get the best of both looks or find a chair that complements the colours of your child’s nursery.

The backs of the nursing chairs are often as elegant as the front and therefore ideal for placing in the centre of a room. Comfortable and elegant, they would grace any property. Being low seated, they give off an air of fun compared to some antique seating and the wide variety of colours and designs on offer means that you will find the ideal chair to match your personality. Quality and craftsmanship are evident throughout the collection with each chair designed to be well used and loved.

As a practical piece of furniture, many of our nursing chairs have been well loved and signs of ageing show that it has a history and a story to tell. While many of these are now perfectly suited to a shabby chic vibe, others have been sympathetically restored to their former glory with new upholstery matching the original style or some more contemporary designs adopted to bring new life to a Victorian classic.

Victorian nursing chairs: shop with Vinterior

Whether you want aged or restored, simple and elegant or ornate and intricate, the choice is endless. At Vinterior we pride ourselves on having a wide range of authentic, quality furniture on offer and our selection of nursing chairs reflects that. If you are looking for a Victorian nursing chair, either as a practical addition to a child’s nursery or as a beautiful addition to your sitting room, browse our collection today. Be inspired by the vast array of colours, designs, woods and fabrics on offer and find the perfect piece for your home.