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Stoneware bottles of varying sizes, once vessels for wines and spirits; pretty enamelled tea tins that have been treasured for generations; gorgeous ceramic jugs and irreplaceable glassware… the Victorians left us a treasure trove of home accessories. The era heralded an unprecedented moment in manufacturing. As the Industrial Revolution swung into play, factories, workshops and makers studios popped up all over Britain’s towns and cities. New-fangled technologies allowed manufactures of all types to become ever more prolific, flooding the market with things and making everything more affordable. Magpie-like, the Victorians embraced the change. If you are on the search for Victorian jugs, jars and tins to adorn your home, make Vinterior your first stop.

Why choose Victorian jugs, jars and tins?

Creating a welcoming, stylish interior may begin with the floor coverings, wallpaper and big-label furniture items, but it ends with the small stuff and finer details. Once your plush sofa has arrived, your eagerly awaited mid-century dresser has been hoisted into place, and you’ve stripped back the fireplace to reveal original brickwork, it’s the accessories that lift a space to home status.

Victorian jugs, jars and tins look fantastic used throughout contemporary homes. Indeed, many of the modern versions manufactured today take their inspiration from that period.

In the kitchen, create a focal point with a piece of Victorian pottery. For example, a stunning Parian ware jug is classic Victorian. Designed to mimic expensive marble, these were actually mass-produced porcelain with deep relief patterning in classic white, or sometimes a cobalt blue or brown glaze.

If you are looking for pieces to adorn an eye-catching dressing table, or to give to a friend, the Victorian period really delivers. Ladies of the day kept their powders and cosmetics in cut crystal vanity jars, sometimes with silver lids featuring loving engravings in flowery scripts. Or, how about a pleasing bon bon jar? Sugar was a prized commodity in Victorian times and these sweet bowls, containing morsels of fine confectionary, would be passed around like treasure when guests visited.

For a blast of warm colour, a piece of handblown Victorian cranberry glass is perfect. With its deep fuchsia hue, this glass was paired with plain glass and sterling silver to create a dazzling array of objects that are both practical and pretty. Frilled edges, delicate stems and intricate etching all feature on jugs, lamps, tumblers, vases and more.

One pair of items that’s synonymous with the era is the outsize jug and bowl, which were used by Victorians as washstand accessories as they performed their daily ablutions. Today, these stunning ceramics, which were created in bulk by a dizzying array of designers, are used to hold floral displays, or simply to brighten up a corner.

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Sustainability is a word often used by big brands nowadays but, in fact, the best way to be sustainable is to reuse products created by brands that may no longer even exist. A Victorian item, cleaned up, renovated or repurposed will always be both sustainable and more special than its equivalent modern piece.

We are living in a time of innovation and experimentation when it comes to our interior design. Individuals are trying things out, mixing looks up and daring to be different. AT Vinterior we believe that our online marketplace is the best place to find antique and vintage furniture. But it is also a website for those who are looking for the very best upcycled and repurposed furniture alongside new contemporary designs. Pour yourself a coffee and take some time to browse for inspiration.