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The Victorian era spanned the reign of Queen Victoria - a whole 64 years. In that time the furniture found in households up and down Britain changed considerably, in part due to the growing availability of machine-produced furniture. Furnishings and decor became much more important to people than ever before. And due to the changes going on as part of the industrial revolution, furniture became more affordable and more accessible than ever before. Browse our collection of Victorian furniture now and find the perfect piece for your home.

Understanding the style of Victorian furniture

The Victorian period was a much more varied and diverse era than had been seen in previous centuries, and so furniture reflected a number of different styles and fashions. Some furniture drew on Tudor and Medieval influences, with heavy carvings and rich woods; while others even drew on Japanese stylings using floral inspiration and decorative elements within furniture that frequently featured a lacquered finish.

Victorian furniture designers also took inspiration from Gothic and Rococo styles and fabrics were often very heavy, especially on upholstery. Velvets and brocades were popular, as was needlepoint in strong colours. Fabric was often patterned, creating a very rich and heavy feel. Patterns would often be designed to match other patterned fabric in the room, or to the wallpaper. This could be quite overpowering in its day, but if done correctly in a modern home could have a fantastic effect.

The over-the-top feel that is often linked to Victorian furnishings is also found in its woodwork – dark, strong woods with elaborate embellishments and carvings were typical in chairs and chests of drawers. While we might find this slightly overbearing now, in its day this style was enviable, and showed that the homeowner was very wealthy and influential indeed. That said, pieces with this classic Victorian look are still popular today - whilst we may not adorn an entire room in Victorian furnishings, a few key pieces can add a sense of luxury and opulence to a home.

The Victorian era saw the first coil spring; invented, patented and used in production, all within the Victorian period. Before the Victorian era, people didn't have the benefit of such luxury or comfort. The addition of the coil spring changed the entire design of a sofa – causing the shape to change to accommodate this new invention. Sofas now had shorter chair legs and deeper seats, and upholstery had to be able to withstand far more pressure than before. These changes in design can even be seen in furniture today.

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