Victorian Fire Surrounds

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As we left the 20th century and moved into the 21st, Victorian fire surrounds became quite unpopular. More homeowners were ripping them out and replacing them with more contemporary fireplaces, in keeping with modern times. Looking back, this is something many homeowners have come to regret. A genuine Victorian fire surround is now a highly sought after item in a home, and many house hunters deliberately seek these stunning period features. How times change! The Victorian era may have had its moment of being a look to avoid, but it has come back in such a way that not only are Victorian fire surrounds well-liked, they can actually have a huge impact on the value of your entire home. Explore our range of Victorian fire surrounds here at Vinterior today.

Why choose Victorian fire surrounds?

When you purchase a Victorian fire surround, it's not just a furniture purchase; it is an investment. As we've already seen, if you are looking to sell your home later down the line, it can be the difference between a buyer and a viewer who walks away unimpressed. Even if you have no plans to sell your beloved home, your Victorian fire surround is still an important purchase, as you are investing in the long-term beauty of your home and your enjoyment of it.

There is nothing more wonderful than lighting a fire on a cold, winter's evening and enjoying the flicker of the flame as it bounces off the ornate carvings and exquisite materials used to build your fire surround. A fire is already a beautiful sight – one that you can enhance by framing it within a Victorian fire surround. Join the family during the festive period around your Victorian fire surround.

The Victorian era saw huge changes in how the British spent their time. But nothing was more important than making the home a comfortable, warm and relaxing place to be – just as it is today. Gathering around the fire with family in a living room to exchange stories from the day would have been a regular pastime, so it was very important that their fire surround was attractive and enjoyable to look at. Designers crafted their fire surrounds to be more beautiful than ever before, which you will see for yourself as you look through this collection.

Limestone, marble and cast iron were popular materials for fire surrounds in their time. Marble has been well used for this purpose for many years, and still is today. You will see Greek influences in your Victorian fire surround, as well as floral patterns carved into the fireplace. Symmetry was very important in Victorian furniture design – many Victorian furniture carvings were elaborate and flamboyant, so this symmetry prevented furnishings from getting too over-the-top. As you will see, usually only one material was used throughout the whole fire surround, again keeping the flamboyancy from going a step too far.

Victorian fire surrounds: shop with Vinterior

Some would argue that a Victorian fire surround looks better in a contemporary home than it does in the Victorian home it was meant for! Paired with Swedish design, a popular look for several years now, it can be incredibly striking and somehow, doesn't look remotely out of place. If you have a more modern home, don't let that put you off purchasing a Victorian fire surround. They look incredible in all sorts of homes, and due to their exquisite craftsmanship, can be enjoyed for many years to come.