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Victorian dressers, like much of the furniture produced during the era, are very varied in design. A dresser top, hung directly on the wall, a dresser bottom used as a generous sideboard, or the two used together, can all work brilliantly in the modern home. Infinitely practical as a storage solution, as well as looking marvellous, Victorian dressers are an excellent option if you want a look that’s unique to your home. The Victorian dressers showcased here on our online marketplace span the full period. Queen Victoria reigned for over six decades, and generations living under the monarch saw new machinery and manufacturing processes revitalise the furniture they bought and used, time and time again. Explore Vinterior to see the stunning and incredibly well-made pieces that have survived for over a century, influencing future furniture design along the way.

Why choose Victorian dressers?

The Victorian dresser was sometimes handcrafted by the family who first owned it and sometimes built with the utmost skill by master carpenters. If your preferred look is rustic and your property has a rural or farmhouse feel to it, a pine Victorian dresser might be ideal. A chunky sideboard with heavy knobs also made of pine, provides a fantastic storage space for crockery, as well as deep drawers for cutlery or knickknacks.

For a more formal effect, a Jacobean-style Victorian dresser built of oak and dating from the late 1800s is perfect. Furniture referencing and celebrating the earlier Jacobean period often features a deep and dark high polish finish, geometric mouldings, serpentine aprons and bun feet.

Depending on the space you are looking to fill, it may be that a very large, mid-19th century dresser is appropriate. Frequently produced in the Tudor-revival style, these dressers feature barley cane legs, multiple panelled areas and intricate carvings. Perhaps more accessible for the average family home, the Arts and Crafts movement that gained traction among the middle-class Victorians in the late 1800s/early 1900s, has gifted us many gorgeous dressers. This style doesn’t have the high-gloss polish frequently associated with Victorian furniture. Instead, the wood’s grain is highly visible and much paler beneath a more modest waxed finish. Motifs are floral or botanical but always very simple and carpentry is of the highest quality with straight, unfussy lines preferred to a showy, ostentatious look.

The Victorian dresser is a wonderfully versatile and practical piece of furniture. A place to store kitchen paraphernalia, somewhere to rest extra serving dishes and crockery when the dining table is cluttered, a shelf to display flowers or photographs… however you use it, it’s an excellent addition to the stylish kitchen or dining room.

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