Victorian Dining Tables

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The Victorian era lasted from the start of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837, to her death in 1902. These 65 years saw many furniture styles enter and leave fashion, but some essential style traits are identifiable in pieces from throughout the period. Anyone looking to invest in Victorian dining tables should expect dark woods like walnut, mahogany or rosewood, and design that makes much of embellishments and carvings, plus a real weightiness. Victorian dining tables remain a favourite with contemporary furniture buyers. Why not get started on your search for the perfect Victorian dining table by browsing those currently showcased on Vinterior?

Why choose Victorian dining tables?

A Victorian dining table, positioned in a carefully curated room, perhaps with a colour scheme reflecting the same era and a well-chosen set of chairs, has fantastic design impact. The sheer weight and solidity of these pieces make them real family favourites; they were designed to be used and cherished for many generations.

Victorian furniture took influence from numerous previous periods. A time of real patriotism, and optimism with the empire thriving and innovation across industries, the Victorians liked to proudly hark back to other periods of roaring success and British drama. That’s why it’s possible to see Medieval and Tudor influences in much of the furniture produced while Victoria was on the throne. Heavy, ornate carvings and plenty of embellishments feature, with gold leaf, turned legs, moulded edges and expensive woods all utilised.

Towards the end of the period, from around 1880, the Arts & Crafts movement began to heavily influence the furniture designs Victorians were choosing for their homes. A reaction against industrialisation, the movement promoted and celebrated a return to handcrafted interiors, with artist and social reformer William Morris the person most closely associated with it. Arts and Crafts furniture has a more rustic, romantic style, although it is also heavily decorative with patterns and imagery taken from the natural world used a lot. Victorian dining tables in this style are often formed of English oak, with trestle-style legs, and, frequently, parquetry adornments.

Vinterior is home to both full Victorian dining furniture sets, as well as tables sold individually and separate sets of chairs. Many tables have extra leaves, making them perfect for big family events, as well as convivial day-to-day dining. If you are hoping to create a sense of sumptuousness, glamour and a healthy dose of ostentation, Victorian furniture really delivers. Look out for ball-and-claw feet; chubby cherubs dancing; legs strewn with fruit and ribbons; and, of course, those deep, dark finishes.

What can Victorian dining tables achieve in your home?

Like many pieces from the period, Victorian dining tables are evocative of a completely different time and place. Depending on the style you opt for, an antique like this can lend your space warmth, gravitas, and a sense of history and heritage. It may be that you buy a table that has been renovated for modern living, updated to marry the old world and the new. However you choose to use your Victorian dining table it is safe to say that you will achieve a look in your home that will be hard to replicate anywhere else.

The Vinterior marketplace is an excellent place to acquaint yourself with the furniture designed and manufactured during Queen Victoria’s eventful reign. Take inspiration from the ever-changing range and find your perfect piece of Victoriana elegance.