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A variety of wonderful works were produced at a Victorian desk, very much like the ones you see in our collection. Literary geniuses like Oscar Wilde, George Eliot and Charles Dickens would have all taken to a Victorian desk to pen their world famous novels and poems. As you look through our collection, you'll be looking at Victorian desks that would have been favoured by such incredible novelists, and still are today. The Victorian desk has never gone out of fashion and over a hundred years on it carries a beauty and a wonder that still gives our finest thinkers the ability to create life-changing works. We couldn't recommend a better collection of desks to choose from.

Why choose Victorian desks?

When putting together a study space, it's easy to be tempted into picking the first desk you see, with little thought or consideration to design. However, we recommend you take some time to browse through our collection, and you will quickly see why you should choose a Victorian desk. In shapes and styles you will struggle to find today, real leather worktops and plenty of storage space, you will get far more use from a Victorian desk than any other. You'll look forward to starting work when you have a Victorian desk to work from.

The leather worktops are particularly charming and are well loved by our customers. It's a feature we associate with great leaders, writers and some of the most important people in history. While today we don't have much use for a leather worktop, its charm inspires its owners and many say they always dreamt of owning a leather worktop desk.

Another delightful feature of some of our Victorian desks are the exquisite handles. You'll notice that particularly ornate handles have become popular in recent years, with many people purchasing them and installing them onto their own furniture. Previously seen as 'old-fashioned' and now seen as very popular and stylish, a classic Victorian drawer handle is highly sought after. If you are particularly fortunate, your Victorian desk will have a lock and key mechanism on one of its drawers. While the security of your desk possibly isn’t your biggest consideration, it is still undoubtedly a lovely feature to have.

The Victorian era produced many types of desk for many types of homes, and considering we live in more diverse houses than ever before, the Victorian desk has become a useful piece of furniture to own.

Davenports, bureaus and secretaire desks all have wonderful features and are a pleasant addition to any home. We have a number of classic clerk’s desks, with great character and charm. These items are incredibly eye-catching and are perhaps more of an aesthetic addition for the corner of a living room than a dedicated study space in your home office.

Victorian desks: why shop with Vinterior?

We're sure you will enjoy the variety of Victorian desks we have available. With more than 1000 sellers from around the UK listing desks from all eras, use our online marketplace to find the inspiration for your next interiors project. Although a modern flat-pack piece will certainly provide you with ample writing space, an antique Victorian desk will give your home a sense of identity that your high street furniture of today simply cannot.

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