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The Industrial Revolution transformed the wealth, status and aspirations of the middle classes. The Victorian period (1837-1901) was a time of incredible progress across many areas of society, with engineering right at the forefront of this. In the world of furniture this was the beginning of mass production, with the middle class households finally able to access some of the treasured furnishings that had previously been reserved for the aristocracy and upper classes. This is reflected in our extensive range of Victorian chest of drawers at Vinterior – from the simplest pine drawers to a majestic mahogany campaign chest. Browse our collection now and find the perfect addition for your home.

Why choose a Victorian chest of drawers?

Whether you are looking to add extra storage or a touch of Victorian splendour to your home, a Victorian chest of drawers could be the perfect fit. Traditionally found in oak, mahogany and rosewood, Victorian furniture tended to be bulky and imposing, yet function and attention to detail were always at the forefront. As there was a move towards mass production rather than individual commissions for clients, manufacturers liked to add their own little flourishes such as intricate brass handles or turned mahogany knobs and feet.

A chest of drawers can make the perfect focal point for your bedroom. While the bed is often considered to be the most important feature, this element is eventually covered with a duvet and pillows. Instead, the chest of drawers must stand proud on its own. So, choosing the right piece for your bedroom can play a major role in the overall outcome.

Match your chest of drawers with a wardrobe and dressing table of a similar timber for the full Victorian feel or use a stunning stand-alone piece if you are looking to create a more eclectic, mix and match finish. We have many statement pieces in our collection such as grand mahogany campaign chests with original campaign inset brass drop handles, brass corner protectors and brass strap-work to the frame. A stunning piece such as this would work equally well in a Victorian bedroom or a more contemporary setting. Add a touch of grandeur to your home with a bow-fronted mahogany chest of drawers and contrast it with simple decoration to make it really stand out.

Whilst the Victorian period was all about big statement pieces in dark hued hardwoods, smaller pieces such as bedside cabinets are also available, and pine makes a cheaper, lighter option.

Victorian furniture is both durable and versatile and a chest of drawers originally designed for the bedroom could easily be incorporated into a sitting or dining room. Consider both your storage needs and the size and shape of your room when choosing a chest of drawers. With such an eclectic range of tastes in the era, you are sure to find a piece to suit your decor.

Find your perfect Victorian chest of drawers with Vinterior

Victorian furniture was built to last, which is why so many of the pieces you will find on our online marketplace are in as good condition today as they were in the nineteenth century. Where wear and tear has occurred, many of the trusted sellers we represent have lovingly restored, renovated and upcycled Victorian pieces to their former glory and beyond. Some drawers may be painted in bold colours to match a modern palette or feature hand painted designs incorporated to create a truly unique piece of furniture.

Choosing from our collection guarantees quality and authenticity as well as the opportunity to bring a unique touch of Victorian splendour to your home.

Are you looking for a large statement piece to complete the Victorian look in your bedroom? Do you want a one-off item to complement and contrast with your modern, contemporary aesthetic? Whatever your tastes and needs, our extensive selection, ensures that you will find a piece that not only reflects the eclectic mix of tastes of the period, but is also perfect for your home.