Victorian Chairs

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The Victorian era was a period of luxurious and grand furniture. The Industrial Revolution brought in many changes to society and, as technology moved on at a pace, the way that tables, chairs and cabinetry was produced changed dramatically. This opened the door not only to mass production, but to different methods of making furniture that was more practical and well suited to the home. Many styles in this collection can be seen in furniture today.

Why choose Victorian chairs?

Our collection of Victorian chairs is filled with everything you would expect to see from this period. Dark, heavy woods were particularly popular in this time, as Gothic and Rococo styles had come back into fashion. Unlike previous eras, chairs often had curved backs, arms and legs, and were more flamboyant in their structure. They would often be very ornate, with carvings and embellishments in the wood – usually floral inspired.

Heavy fabrics had also become a common sight in Victorian homes - particularly in curtains and in upholstery. Many of our chairs available in this collection are upholstered in patterned fabrics and in rich colours. Chairs were often designed to be both pretty and comfortable. Most Victorian furniture is supposed to grab attention, so it was important to homeowners that guests noticed their beautiful furnishings, and it those sentiments that ensure a Victorian chair will still elevate the look of your home in the 21st century. A Victorian piece will absolutely stand out in any home, so if you're looking for a striking focal point, a Victorian chair is a fantastic choice.

Tea parties had become exceptionally popular in this era, and it was important for furniture to be inviting, as well as easily moved around and rearranged to make room for guests. You'll see that your Victorian chairs are as comfortable as they are grand, and are often armless to make room for a Victorian lady's voluminous skirt. We wouldn't have much use for that feature in this day and age, but it is an interesting characteristic that reminds you of the period your chair came from.

There were many types of chairs available within the Victorian era that you don't often see produced now. For example, the chaise lounge, also known as the fainting couch, was designed for women in very tight corsets to relax, lie down and grab a moment of relief from the discomfort such clothing gave her. Nowadays, you shouldn't ever need a chaise lounge for its original purpose, but they are such beautiful seating solutions that we still see them in homes today. They carry the class and grandeur of a home you would usually find a chaise lounge in, and today we still think of them as being very luxurious.

Victorian chairs: bring a spring to your home

The coiled spring was invented and patented in the Victorian era. This has a huge impact on how furniture designers approached a new chair or sofa. In order to contain the coiled springs, fabrics and upholstery had to be incredibly sturdy and thick, otherwise a coil could break out of the sofa. However, this all benefitted the comfort of a Victorian – the coiled spring made sitting down and relaxing a much more enjoyable experience. The entire structure had to be much stronger as a result of the coiled spring invention, and this made Victorian furniture superior in its long-lasting qualities than in previous eras. When you buy a Victorian chair, you can be sure that it will last you for many years to come. Browse our collection of Victorian chairs now