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Adding a plush armchair to your home is a sign that you are looking for a place of peace; somewhere to reflect upon your day, or maybe retire for the evening with a book. Armchairs offer maximum comfort as well as a place to be alone and with one's thoughts. If you're going to give yourself that time to relax, make sure you have the right armchair for the job. We couldn't recommend a collection more highly than this collection of Victorian armchairs. In a time of prosperity and incredible advances in science and technology, it was more important in Victorian times than ever to display one's wealth and status in society. Luxury furniture was a way to do so, and the armchair was designed to bring opulence into a home. With deep seats in heavy fabrics or leathers, and curved wooden arms and legs, a Victorian armchair invites you to sit and enjoy the comfort it brings to your home. Browse our collection of stunning Victorian armchairs today.

Why choose a Victorian armchair?

The Victorians thoroughly enjoyed socialising with friends and family. Tea parties were particularly popular during this era, so furniture had to be easily moved around to accommodate new guests to a home. It was also important for furniture to be comfortable, in order to ensure the success of a party or gathering. Furnishings were designed to be homely and add warmth to a room, relaxing guests and encouraging them to visit again.

The coiled spring was invented and patented during the Victorian age, which of course completely transformed all Victorian seating. Seats had to be lower to accommodate the springs, and material had to be strong and thick to prevent the springs from pushing through the seat. This made Victorian seating completely different from previous eras, and was innovative in its time.

You'll see that there is genuine variety in Victorian furniture, and particularly in armchairs. We have armless armchairs, designed for ladies with large dresses, who couldn't fit the material within two arms. That isn't a problem we have to accommodate for today, but they still make beautiful additions to a living space. You'll notice that Victorian armchairs often have seats set quite far back, giving you the ability to lie back into them. Unlike previous eras, you will also find cushions not just on the back and bottom of a seat, but also on arms, making them much easier to relax into. There are such a wide choice of materials and colours to choose from, too – furniture design was much more experimental in this period than any other.

Usually our vintage pieces are entirely unique and standalone. Yet Victorian armchairs often came in pairs, so fortunately we are able to give you the opportunity to buy two if you wish, completing a living room. One of the many advantages of purchasing chairs in this way was (and still is) the ability to create symmetry in a room. And with double the number of armchairs, you will be able to double the comfort and luxury.

Why buy a Victorian armchair with Vinterior?

At Vinterior we believe in providing you with genuine vintage products, that are practical as well as beautiful. When you sink into your Victorian armchair after a hard day, you'll be able to feel the quality and heritage in your Victorian piece. Victorians saw high value in exquisite craftsmanship and so do we. We provide Victorian furniture from only trusted sellers, and we're sure you'll enjoy your Victorian armchair for many years to come.