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In many homes, the coffee table is the centrepiece that we gather around with friends and family to sip our lattes, maybe enjoy a slice of cake and catch up. It is an item of furniture that becomes the focal point of the room and is frequently used, if not daily. Isn’t this a fantastic reason to make sure you have a stand-out coffee table to be proud of and one that your guests will be jealous of? With an upcycled coffee table, you can revive an old treasure and turn it into a new and even better one that nobody else will have. We have many different types and styles of upcycled coffee tables available to buy at Vinterior. There are coffee tables to suit the colourful palettes and ones to suit periodic tastes. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself and see how we can help enhance your living space with an upcycled coffee table.

What to look out for?

The coffee table that gets upcycled may come from any period and can therefore cater for different tastes. If you want 19th century character, vintage charm or something a bit more recent then you should have no problems hunting it down on our marketplace.

An upcycled coffee table can have many exciting features. They can be made unique with a dash of colour, beautiful mosaic patterns, engraved quotes or they can be made a little unorthodox – utilising old pine chests, steel pipes and even an old suitcase to achieve the desired effect. There aren’t many limitations to upcycling furniture and the coffee tables people are selling on our website are evidence of that.

What are the benefits of an upcycled coffee table?

But, why should you buy an upcycled coffee table when you can just buy a regular coffee table? Good question. There are many benefits to buying upcycled items.

The first benefit is that these items have been crafted as one-off pieces. This means no guest will ever be able to tell you that they have the same at home and your table will be a unique item to make your living space stand out. Especially when the coffee table often sits in the middle of the room and is the first thing people notice as they walk through the door.

Upcycled furniture also has an environmental benefit too. Choosing to buy these revived items helps to ensure that your interior design is as sustainable as it is attractive. By preventing materials and objects from being disposed of and sent to landfill, you are giving them a new and exciting lease of life. And by reducing your dependence on new furniture items you are helping to reduce the reliance on modern manufacturing, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re already strongly considering an upcycled coffee table, we suggest doing some digital window-shopping on our website. There’s a lot to see and consider which may help you narrow down your preferences. If you’re not sold on the idea just yet and want to see what’s on offer or get some inspiration, then also hop on our website as there’s lots of creativity to browse through and enjoy. With more than a thousand registered sellers on our site – many of them creators of upcycled furniture – there is always an exciting and unique option to discover here.

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