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At Vinterior, we offer skilled craftsmen and furniture seekers a shared space to market and buy unique items of furniture, all-encompassing different styles and periods. If you’ve been looking for or are considering a new set of chairs for your reading corner, your study or your dining room, then you may want to consider an upcycled chair . . . or six. Upcycling is an exciting method of manufacturing authentic and charming items of furniture with a number of other benefits. To let the products do the talking for us, why not explore our online marketplace and browse through the exceptional upcycled chairs available?

What features do upcycled chairs have?

Upcycled chairs come in many different designs, colours and materials, which makes this a very difficult question. A lot of upcycled furniture attempts to rediscover the character, charm and possibly even a backstory of their original period. Yet there are also many upcycled pieces that aim to simply take abstract items and create something entirely new – resulting in a characterful yet functional piece of art.

During the upcycling process, the chairs will not only be fixed and strengthened. They may also be repainted, details may be added to increase their beauty and those with cushions may be reupholstered. All of the exact details and the direction of each project will be down to the craftsman’s blueprint for each particular chair. This means the features of upcycled chairs can be as elegant as an antique or as quirky as a postmodern painting.

Upcycled chairs or standardised chairs?

As a channel to allow the best of Britain’s designers and craftspeople to exhibit and sell their work from many periods, we firmly believe that upcycled chairs have a lot of benefits. For starters, buying an upcycled chair will mean you get a chair that nobody else has. This will be particularly attractive to people who want to make their home as individual and as personal to them as possible. The more that these unique items find their way into our homes, the more inspiration we can take from them too and apply that inspiration into other elements of our décor.

By choosing an upcycled chair you can also find a level of character that isn’t so easy when shopping in the big stores. The charm of an upcycled piece with authentic wear and the scars to show from its history can add presence and character to your living area. The distressed look is not as easily achieved with new materials as it is in upcycling projects.

One last but by no means least important benefit is the environmental contribution you make by choosing to purchase an upcycled chair – or any upcycled item for that matter. You not only reduce the amount of materials that are earmarked for the landfill site, you also reduce the demand for products which are manufactured using methods which are harmful to the planet.

Do you need to sit down and think?

If you have decided an upcycled chair is something that would enhance your home, take the time to browse our listings using the search tool provided. On our marketplace you’ll find lots of upcycled chairs from different trusted sellers. Take a look and you’ll find all sorts of inspiring and unusual pieces just waiting to become comfortable conversation starters in your home.

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