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Trunks aren’t just useful for storage, they can also be an attractive design feature in any interior space. The size and shape of storage trunks mean that they must become statement pieces in your home, so making the right choice is vital if you want to enhance your interior design.<br><br>Depending on the style you choose, trunks can be used in place of a coffee table, with the added benefit of hidden space within for toys, cushions or even board games. Sturdier trunks can also double up as an effective window-seat in a bay window, or else in place of a console table in a hallway or landing area.

Vintage trunks for storage

Storing large or awkwardly shaped items can feel like a challenge without the right storage solution. However, it’s unlikely that you want to take up valuable space in your home with a big ugly box. In recent years, vintage and antique trunks have grown in popularity as more people look to fill their homes with items that are steeped in history and full of character. Furniture with its own story to tell and a unique aesthetic can not only add to the ambience in a room but also become a conversation starter whenever you welcome guests.

An antique Indian dowry chest offers a simple storage solution for the home but also one that has the power to instantly catch the eye. The beautiful weathered finish of these wooden chests make them the perfect addition to any home with a rustic or coastal theme.

Similarly, a vintage travel chest from Moynat has the power to stop visitors in their tracks to admire it. Designed by the oldest trunk company in France, a travel chest in good condition demands pride of place in a living room or study.

Wooden antique storage trunks and modern chests

We tend to think of trunks and chests as all being very grand and heavyset antiques, usually made of strong wood and designed to bring glamour to any space. But while the Vinterior collection does contain many items that fit this criteria, we also have an extensive range of antique storage chests, vintage steamer trunks and modern alternatives.

Designers like Lloyd Loom created attractive mid century trunks which often features bold patterns and bright colours to make them truly unique. These kinds of trunks can be used to bring an element of fun to any space, such as a children’s bedroom, or just any eclectic spot. We also showcase many modern, artisan and bespoke trunks to fit your needs perfectly.

Antique and vintage trunks for sale at Vinterior

Whatever your requirements, tastes, budget, style and vision, our extensive collection ensures that there is bound to be something to suit your home design. The range of modern and vintage trunks available at Vinterior spans many generations, from antique storage chests and Victorian trunks to funky trunks and modern bespoke storage solutions. You’ll also find vintage leather suitcases, oriental wooden trunks, industrial trunks, 1970s tin painted trunks and iron bound travelling chests, among many others.

If you’re struggling to find enough storage space, or simply want to add something truly unique to the look of your home, you have come to the right place.