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In a contemporary home it’s common to see subtle painted walls but if you really want to add a splash of style, why not try out a retro wallpaper instead? If you love vintage but don’t want to refurbish your entire room, a new wallpaper can provide a completely new look for a much lower cost. There are lots of retro looks to explore but there’s one that hooks together both vintage and contemporary styles seamlessly: tropical wallpaper. Bold, bright and yet curiously modern-looking too, tropical wallpaper will make a big impact in your decor even if you don’t change a thing elsewhere. Here at Vinterior we love all the details of home decor, from the larger pieces of furniture to the finest detail on a vintage wallpaper. Take a look through our online marketplace today and you’ll find a huge selection of items, including tropical wallpaper, to be inspired by.

Revive vintage trends with tropical wallpaper

Fashion trends are cyclical, often being repeated over the decades. The tropical look has re-emerged in 2018 as a hot new look but it actually first made an appearance in popular culture back in 1937 with the now-iconic banana leaf pattern from Dorothy Draper. Used in a trendy Californian hotel, it’s been repeated all over the world since – and to great effect.

The trick is to create an impact by using tropical wallpaper to complement your decor, rather than overwhelming your room with an eye-watering combination of jungle prints. Use neutral and plain furniture against a tropical wallpaper and you’ll achieve the desired effect without creating clashing patterns. If you really want to max out the look you could add in some plants and put up miniature ornaments of tropical and exotic animals – think parrots and elephants, for example. You could also accent with curtains and cushions to match for a truly sunny appeal.

Tropical wallpaper: does it work with all styles?

You might be surprised at just how many styles of decor tropical wallpaper works with; it’s surprisingly flexible. Tropical wallpaper can be bright and bold or subtle and gentle, the choice is yours.

For a strong statement, pick a heavily patterned wallpaper that’s got a jungle theme. This works well with stripped wooden flooring, rattan furniture and simple linen curtains, creating an island vibe. To transform this into an Asian-inspired look, throw in folding bamboo screens, black lacquered furniture and maybe a cushion or two in Thai silk. This provides a very exotic and luxurious finish which complements the walls. You can even achieve a Hollywood-style glamour, with shades of 1940s sophistication. Choose black and white flooring, bamboo furniture with animal print cushions to accessorise.

For a more whimsical effect, try a more muted tropical wallpaper and instead feature bright vibrant colours and high gloss furniture pieces instead. This will create a real retro vibe, with a nod towards the trends of the 1970s.

Explore your wild side with tropical wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper can mean anything from jungle prints to classic and elegant leaf shapes, so it’s possible to create the exact style you like. Whether you want to work with your existing furniture or undertake a completely new look, here at Vinterior we can help. Our online marketplace is a great way to get inspiration and to explore some of the ideas you might have. When you are ready to buy you’ll find lots of quality items at affordable prices, so why not browse through our catalogue today?

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