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Creating the optimum interior design space is never easy. As an interior designer, there are so many different elements to consider which can prove a challenge, from colour palettes to layout. But chief among these challenges must surely be the search for the perfect furniture additions. Whether you are furnishing a residential or a commercial setting, finding the perfect furniture can be difficult. That is, until you discover Vinterior. With many thousands of unique and characterful items to explore and enjoy, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our collection. Browse the collection of trade furniture available here at Vinterior.

Finding trade furniture for a residential setting

Furnishing any interior setting, whether it’s your own home or someone else’s, is a big task to undertake. You want to create a space which is everything at once – dynamic and yet diverse, relaxing yet energising, eye catching but not overwhelming. Capturing someone else’s tastes and personality through interior design is no easy feat, and finding furniture that reflects their character can at times feel impossible. But in order to capture character, you simply need to find furniture with character of its own.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in our collection. Every item at Vinterior is unique, and has its own story to tell. History itself is reflected in our collection, meaning you can find furniture to suit any style. From vintage, antique and retro to contemporary, bespoke and artisan, it’s all right here.

If you’re trying to create a classical interior setting with plenty of grandeur, a statement vintage piece can really hit the right note. An Art Deco sideboard with plenty of geometric flourish immediately catches the eye, and harks back to the distinguished elegance of the roaring 20s. Alternatively, a mid-century coffee table offers a subtler sense of luxury, boasting clean lines and a sleek finish to feel both nostalgic and thoroughly modern.

Discover trade furniture for commercial interiors

Furnishing a residential setting is hard because you’re trying to capture one person’s vision, but commercial interiors require you to create a space which is both memorable and able to suit the tastes of multiple users. Striking the balance between uniqueness and universal appeal in establishments such as restaurants and B&Bs is a noble task which can be extremely challenging to achieve.

But with the range of options available at Vinterior, any look can be created with an accomplished finish. Industrial and reclaimed items such as dining tables and chairs mix wood and metallic aspects for a look that’s both modern and unusual. For a decadent communal dining area, antique and vintage pieces offer handcrafted decorative flourishes which cannot be imitated. You could even use your own expertise to mix and match styles from across eras to bring together a space that feels all its own. Consider using a vintage velvet sofa as the centrepiece of an otherwise modern and neutral space.

More about Vinterior

Vinterior is the largest online marketplace for unique furniture. Our collection has been carefully sourced from over one thousand trusted sellers, celebrated designers and iconic brands. Every piece in our collection is unique, making it easy for you to create a space unlike any other. Whether you’re looking for vintage, retro or contemporary pieces, seeking your trade furniture from Vinterior will help you create spaces that tell a story.