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Made in The Netherlands, Tomado shelving were a self-assembly, modular wire storage solution the company of the same name started to produce in the years following World War II. There was a time when these were used in almost all Dutch homes. Tomado shelving, also often referred to as Tomado string shelves, are a stunning home storage solution with a twist. These shelves are both extremely attractive and extremely collectible.

Why Choose Tomado Shelves?

But why should you be interested in well-preserved Tomado string shelves? Not only are they attractive and unique, but models with lacquered metallic shelving in red, yellow and blue colours from the De Stijl movement are iconic and extremely collectible.

As well as being collectable and attractive, they are also highly functional too. Even all these years later, Tomado wall shelves can be successfully used in the way the manufacturer intended. They are sturdy, eye-catching and very much a product of their time.

Incorporating Tomado Shelves into Your Home

Whatever kind of Tomado hanging shelving units you invest in, it’s all too easy to find a place for it in your home, and we’ve got some suggestions. These items are beautiful and unique enough to fit right at home in your living room or hallway. As practical storage solutions, Tomado shelving units can also work well in garage spaces and larders. A more unique use for Tomado shelving would be to incorporate them into a greenhouse or large shed and workshop.

Tomado shelves also fit well within commercial spaces. Are you looking for interesting pieces to decorate your workplace or a restaurant? Then Tomado string shelves are a clever choice. These quirky pieces can bring some necessary personality to a public setting, helping your establishment stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Why Choose Vinterior for Retro Tomado Shelving?

Here at Vinterior we are proud to feature a range of Tomado string shelves sourced from sellers around the UK. There can be many unique pieces to choose from at any given time, and we like to keep our collection topped up with as many fine and desirable items as we can source. Therefore, more Tomado hanging shelving units may be added between visits to the site.

To avoid missing out anything truly special, make sure you take the time to explore our collection and discover your very favourite pieces. We specialise in all things vintage, antique, upcycled, bespoke and generally unique. You won’t find a piece of furniture in our collection that doesn’t come with its own personality or story to tell.

Do You Collect or Sell Tomado Shelves?

Whether you are a seller, collector or trader of Tomado shelving, we want to hear from you. You could register with Vinterior. Registration is free and can put you in contact directly with fellow collectors and those interested in Dutch and Tomado furniture and kitchenware.

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Once upon a time it took a lot of effort to find antique and vintage pieces for your home. Touring all of your local antique dealers may be fun to begin with, but if time is of the essence and you need to find a specific piece - a shelving unit, for instance - then having a range of options available from the comfort of your own home is a much more efficient use of your browsing time.

The team here at Vinterior are passionate and fully dedicated to sourcing and selecting only the most trusted and reliable sellers. Our vetting process is very thorough, so if a trader or seller is featured, you know they are safe to do business with.