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If you want your furnishings to be made by a true artist, then look no further than Tom Dixon. Tom Dixon OBE and his company of the same name are specialists in creating phenomenal lighting and other interior accessories. Tom Dixon himself is a British designer whose work has attracted interest from museums from all four corners of the globe. He remains the creative director of his company as they continue to increase their established range with more outstanding designs. To get your hands on some rather astonishing Tom Dixon lighting, you can find his wonderful designs here at Vinterior. Start browsing through our listings right now. We’re sure you’ll be amazed.

Tom Dixon pendant lights

Here at Vinterior we love Tom Dixon’s pendant light range. They have his recognisable signature style and are usually made of brass. Among his most popular pieces is the “Beat Wide” design which incorporates brass pendants painted in black on the exterior and painted gold on the inside with a hammered-look finish.

If the wide pendants of this design isn’t suited to your space or your tastes, then don’t worry. There are many other Tom Dixon designs that are equally impressive. Many of these are made with the same materials in an identical fashion but are created using different shapes and pendant sizes.

So, whether you are looking to incorporate a single large pendant light at the heart of your living room or you want three low-lying pendant lights over your industrial-style kitchen island there is a solution for you.

Benefits of Tom Dixon lights

There are many benefits in complementing your interior with a set of Tom Dixon lights. Tom Dixon is a world-renowned designer with a formidable reputation. Due to his influence as a designer and the appearance of his work in world-leading art galleries, owning one of his designs is a major statement. These lights are a bold addition to your home that will fit in seamlessly with modern interiors.

They may not be one-of-a-kind designs like some of our bespoke products, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less unique. You may have even seen Tom Dixon interiors on the high street, but what we have here at Vinterior is entirely different. Our Tom Dixon lights are not available from your local homeware store – instead many are available from private collections and are limited editions.

When purchasing a Tom Dixon light, you could also see it as an investment. Designed by a man who has a track record in the artistic world may lead to his designs becoming more valuable in the long term.

Shop for Tom Dixon lighting with Vinterior

If the thought of having one of these lights made by a recognised artist and creative genius in your home is appealing to you, start browsing our marketplace right now. We have a number of Tom Dixon products available and are sourcing new additions to this collection every day, so do check in with us regularly to see the latest products we have in store.

If perhaps you are looking for something different from your lighting then why not browse our extensive collection of antique, vintage and bespoke lighting options further. Explore the range today and find your inspiration.