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Alongside colour and layout, your home’s lighting is one of its most important and influential design qualities. The way light moves within your home has a direct impact on the overall look and atmosphere of the space, which means it’s vital that you choose the best lighting to make the most of the space available. However, don’t sacrifice style for functionality. Instead, choose lighting which provides both. When seeking out luxury table lamps for your home, you can’t get more attractive, unique and iconic than the globally celebrated lamps from Tiffany. Discover an exciting collection of Tiffany table lamps right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Tiffany table lamps?

Tiffany is one of the leading names in late 19th and early 20th century furniture design. The brand was established back in 1878, when Louis C. Tiffany put his passion into practice and turned his attention to furniture designs. Over the years, Louis curated an impressive collection of eclectic furniture styles, including European, Oriental and Moorish furniture designs. These pieces gave him the inspiration he needed and, when mixed with his American roots, Tiffany found he had what he needed to begin creating some of his own stunning pieces of furniture – designs which are still fiercely sought after today.

Tiffany’s creations were a far cry from the minimalist, neutral pieces filling many of today’s home. In fact, they were more in line with the colourful geometric elegance of the Art Deco movement, showing how the brand’s designs were far ahead of their time. Tiffany furniture is all about elegance, opulence and colour, and all of this is encapsulated by the brand’s table lamps.

Louis’ signature design method featured copper foil, as a means of ensuring that the form and colours present in his table lamps stood the test of time. This method, paired with the use of Spectrum, Uroboros and Youghiogheny glass, ensures that a Tiffany table lamp appears such as bold and bright today as it did when it was first formed.

How to introduce Tiffany table lamps into your home

Tiffany table lamps possess a variety of different features and elements which make them unique, but undoubtedly chief among them is Tiffany’s signature stained glass lampshades. These shades come in a variety of botanical and geometric patterns, reflecting an unrivalled level of creativity.

The unashamed use of colour in Tiffany lampshades means that they throw out some really interesting light forms. This makes the perfect addition to a bedside table, as harsh lights in the bedroom can make the space feel too clinical and not at all relaxing. The softer, more colourful tones from a Tiffany table lamp is the ideal way to create an inviting atmosphere for unwinding. Alternatively, Tiffany table lamps work equally well in a living or dining room as a softer light option. This will help you create the comforting ambience your home deserves.

Why shop Tiffany table lamps at Vinterior?

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