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In the big wide world of interior design, our lights often get pushed to the bottom of the list in favour of seating, accessories and colour choices. But the power lighting has over a space is difficult to overstate, and the right lamps really are the unsung heroes of your home’s overall look and feel. The way light moves in your home can completely transform its ambience, which is why choosing the right lamps is vital. Floor lamps remain one of the most stylish options when it comes to lighting, especially when you explore the options available from celebrated and established brands like Tiffany. Explore the collection of Tiffany floor lamps available right here at Vinterior, and let us light the way to great home design.

Why should you choose Tiffany floor lamps?

Louis C. Tiffany first established Tiffany as a brand way back in 1878, and quickly went on to become one of the leading names in late 19th century and early 20th century furniture design. After establishing the brand, Tiffany spent years curating an exciting mixture of eclectic pieces, including Moorish, Oriental and European furniture designs to act as inspiration alongside his already extensive knowledge of American interior styles. This inspiration was all Tiffany needed to begin creating his own unique pieces of furniture. To this day, these designs remain some of the most widely celebrated and sought after pieces of vintage furniture out there.

For anybody looking to steer their home away from plain, neutral spaces and minimalist designs, Tiffany furniture is an absolute must. As a brand, Tiffany is known for its daring use of colour and shapes to emphasize opulence and grandeur – and the brand’s floor lamps are certainly no exception.

In order to ensure that his lamps remained just as bright and bold years down the line, Louis Tiffany created a signature method using copper foil. His iconic lampshades combine several different kinds of glass to create designs which truly are like no other.

How do you introduce Tiffany floor lamps into your home?

From head to toe, there is no doubt that Tiffany floor lamp designs are unique. However, there is also no doubt that the most recognisable, exciting and quintessentially ‘Tiffany’ element of their design is their colourful stained glass shade.

Tiffany shades use colourful designs and imaginative designs to create truly unique pieces, featuring a variety of geometrical and floral designs reminiscent of the Art Deco movement. Considering Louis was working before this movement really kicked off, it’s clear that he was a man ahead of his time.

These shades mean that the light Tiffany floor lamps give off is as unique as their design. The soft light shines in a collection of fascinating palettes, making a floor lamp the perfect addition to a living room or bedroom where you’re trying to create a relaxing atmosphere. The colourful use of light can also add a whimsical quality to a reading nook, or even to a child’s bedroom.

Why shop for unique furniture at Vinterior?

Vinterior is the UK’s leading online marketplace for unique and premium furniture full of character and heritage, making Tiffany the perfect fit. If you’re looking to add Tiffany floor lamps to your home, Vinterior is the ideal place to start and end your search. Discover a wide range of individual furniture items in our collection, from vintage and antique to contemporary and bespoke. It’s impossible not to get inspired by our range of lighting and other furniture, so take a look today.