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The tallboy wardrobe is a favourite here at Vinterior. A charming addition to any bedroom, the tallboy wardrobe can be found in a number of different guises, depending on the era and designer. In particular, the mid-20th century was a popular time for the tallboy – as the trend towards minimalism and space-saving design took hold. Explore our collection today and you find the vintage tallboy wardrobe that can give your bedroom a lift.

Features of a tallboy wardrobe

Traditionally, a tallboy wardrobe consists of a set of drawers with a wardrobe space above – a look that has endured since the 19th century. Over the centuries, tallboy wardrobes have been built in rich woods such as mahogany, teak, oak and rosewood, providing you with a great choice of aesthetic and texture when you look to add a tallboy to your home.

Antique tallboy wardrobes

The original 19th century tallboy wardrobes were elegant, sophisticated and beautifully crafted. Many were made in mahogany with multiple drawers. Early in the century, Georgian tallboys commonly featured ornate overhanging cornices, eye-catching brass drop handles and detailed brass feet. Later in the century during the Victorian period, many of the ornate features gave way to a more imposing and sturdy design. While the rich mahogany remained, size and durability became the primary concern.

Vintage, mid-century tallboys

Fast-forward to the mid-20th century and brands like G Plan brought tallboy designs firmly back into fashion as part of a more minimal, space-saving approach to bedroom storage. Teak, pine, oak and rosewood were the materials of choice during this period, built with a focus on smooth edges, straight lines and simple sophistication.

It isn’t just the minimalist home that can benefit from a vintage tallboy wardrobe, however. This piece of furniture can work equally well in shabby chic and even industrial-style rooms. The emphasis on allowing the natural wood to speak for itself also fits nicely with Scandinavian and Nordic style rooms, contrasting with white-washed walls and hardwood floors.

Upcycled tallboy wardrobes

Browse our listings and you will also see many tallboy wardrobes that have been refurbished and shown a little bit of tender loving care to ensure that not only will they live for several more generations but that they can make a real impact in your home. Where wardrobes have begun to show signs of wear and regular usage, many have been painted and had handles replaced to ensure their longevity. If you are looking to add an accent colour to your bedroom, look out for tallboy wardrobes that have been painted in blue, black or perhaps a charcoal grey to contrast with your neutral walls.

Why buy a tallboy wardrobe with Vinterior?

There are many reasons to do your tallboy-wardrobe shopping here at Vinterior. By directing your search towards industry-leading antique and vintage sellers you’ll be in a better position to find a truly unique tallboy wardrobe – a piece of furniture that nobody else will have. These wardrobes can be very ornate to add charm or can be extremely sleek to complement more modern décor.

There is also the benefit of knowing you have made your home a more sustainable decision by buying a pre-owned item of furniture. By choosing furniture made with older materials, you give them materials a new lease of life and increase demand for authenticity. At the same time, you reduce demand for new mass-produced furniture, which is more harmful to the environment.

Shop for tallboy wardrobes with Vinterior

If our introduction to tallboy wardrobes, their features and their benefits has got you seriously considering one, you should have a look around the current offerings on our website. Even if you decided a tallboy wardrobe from our sellers isn’t for you, still have a browse at what’s on offer as our marketplace is also an excellent place to gather tips and ignite creativity for at-home projects and interior renovations.