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Lighting is very important in our homes and can be used to create great designs and the perfect ambience. Light can entirely transform your decor and set the mood in your interior. And the light fitting or fixture itself has an important role to play in creating a theme or style – in fact, it can be just as important as a sofa, chair, mirror or rug. Starburst lights as the name suggests were inspired by the shape of the stars. These lights are made in such a way that they resemble a star in shape. Starburst lights were particularly popular in the mid 20th century and are now considered prized retro lighting pieces. If this is a look you would love to incorporate in your home, browse our collection of vintage starburst lights now.

What to expect from starburst lights

Just as we find the night sky to be a fascinating thing, so there is something magical and mesmerising about the scattered and disparate lighting of starburst lights. Although some of these pieces can be powerful ceiling lights, often using starburst lights as soft, mood lighting to gently illuminate a living room in the evening is where these delicate, beautiful lights really come into their own.

Part of the charm of starburst lights is in the intricate detail and subtle differences you can find between pieces. While some look something akin to a glowing dandelion flower to create a soft ethereal ambience, others are shaped in a mass of small individual lights – more like a view of the Milky Way from a distance.

If you are looking for a vintage starburst light, you can see early examples of these lights from the mid-century, featuring prominently within Sputnik chandeliers. However, you can also find more recent starburst lights featuring modern LED lights, providing the same retro feel as these vintage pieces but with the added benefit of greater energy efficiency and, as a result, green credentials.

Why consider buying starburst lights?

Starburst lights can be hung almost anywhere around your home and add a bit more magic – particularly during the festive season at Christmas it must be said. With a wide range of options, you can choose a suitable fixture depending on the size of the lights, design and colour. They can also make use of LED bulbs which save on energy.

For the vintage enthusiast, you can choose the brass or gold wires, and for the progressive modern buyers you can choose from the light copper, silver or blend and match antique with modern for a more edgy outcome. One can also line several fixtures in a preferred pattern to form a set of artistically placed lighting.

Starburst designs are versatile fittings that can be used in everything from retro chic rooms to ultra modern spaces. In the case of many of our listings from modern light manufacturers it is possible to choose from multiple chandelier sizes to suit your space. It is always important to choose a light fixture that is neither too large and overpowering for the size of a room, nor too small and ineffective.

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Here at Vinterior we are proud of the large and varied selection of vintage and modern lighting solutios we can offer. Thanks to our extensive network of sellers, there is a piece here for every room and every style in your home. We not only deal in vintage pieces with stories to tell but also offer a wide range of contemporary, bespoke and artisan starburst designs. Browse our listings now and see for yourself.