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The importance of having the right wardrobe can’t be overstated. While clothes don’t define us, they certainly help build character – and the right character starts with an organised closet. Needless to say, a wardrobe is a practical necessity in any bedroom, but it can also be a stunning piece of statement style. Wardrobes tend to be one of the larger items in your room, meaning their look will impact the room as a whole, so finding the right design is paramount. You can’t go wrong with leading design brands like Stag, so why not take the time to enjoy the collection of wardrobes by Stag right here at Vinterior? Stag is one of the biggest names in mid-century furniture designs, having been one of the leading brands for living, dining and bedroom furniture since the middle of the 20th century. Their iconic pieces changed the way people thought about pairing functionality and aesthetic appeal, allowing the two factors to work together in harmony to create the ideal furniture addition for any home environment. Included in their vast portfolio are their wardrobes, which feature their signature sleek, elegant design to create something truly special. A mixture of solid and veneered wood make Stag wardrobes an investment built to last.

Stag Minstrel wardrobes

Over the years, Stag has released many successful furniture ranges, but none are more iconic than their Minstrel range. Released in 1964, the Minstrel furniture collection pairs modern minimalist functionality with the elegance of 18th century furniture design. The end result is a range of furniture pieces that are both attractive and interesting. Stag Minstrel wardrobes are no exception, using materials like mahogany in innovative ways to achieve pieces of furniture able to make a real statement.

You will find a vast selection of wardrobes and other furniture pieces from Stag in the Vinterior collection. Just like Stag, at Vinterior we have developed, maintained and built up a lasting reputation for reliability and excellence. As the number one online furniture marketplace, there really is no better place to find vintage, antique, retro and artisan furniture solutions for your home.

The wardrobes from Stag and other retro brands possess a great deal of charm and aesthetic appeal, but vintage furniture is also a smart choice for several other reasons. Choosing high quality pieces from the past can help to ensure that you are investing in furniture that is durable and hardwearing. Similarly, giving an item of furniture with heritage a new lease of life can be seen as a more sustainable solution than buying new pieces with a short lifespan.

Why shop with Vinterior?

We specialise in premium furniture with character and class. You’ll find thousands of one-of-a-kind pieces from long-celebrated boutiques, designers and brands like Stag Furniture, including items from their iconic Minstrel collection. Every unique piece you see on our online marketplace has its own story to tell, and is waiting for you to add your chapter to that story.

You can shop new, too

Vintage furniture isn’t all we deal in here at Vinterior. We are also dedicated to celebrating more contemporary furniture items which reflect the charm, character and high quality of antiques, but also allow us to meet current demands and trends. Stag continues to create beautiful wardrobes and other furniture to this day, which is why some of the brand’s newer additions can be found on our site.

Vinterior is the perfect place for you to find the inspiration you need for your next interior project. So, what are you waiting for? Happy browsing!

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