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We all want the best for our homes, and this means selecting the best furniture. Choosing a well-respected and fashionable brand like Stag for your statement pieces is a terrific way of ensuring that your home is full of character and far from the average. Since the middle of the 20th century, Stag has created countless beautiful ranges of bedroom, living and dining furniture. Of course, one of the most iconic collections has to be the Stag Minstrel range. Originating in 1964, Stag Minstrel reflects the very best of mid-century design, with a flair for creativity and functionality, and you’re in the right place to discover it for yourself. Browse our collection of furniture from the Stag Minstrel range right here at Vinterior.

A bit about Stag Minstrel

As a heritage British Brand, Stag furniture was one of the leading forces behind UK mid-century furniture design. Their iconic use of wood to create sideboards, wardrobes, tables and more has seen them cement a reputation for excellence which has lasted decades. Among their most beloved ranges are the original Stag C collection, which was then followed by the Stag Madrigal range in the 1950s. However, it was their follow-up to this collection – the Minstrel range – which really set the furniture industry alight.

The brand’s lead design consultants at the time, John and Sylvia Reid, were the visionaries behind many of Stag’s most celebrated furniture collections. After their work on the C and Madrigal ranges, John and Sylvia began updating the Madrigal in 1964 and creating something truly special: the Minstrel range. The new range was Stag’s best-selling range of furniture.

The range created pieces from mahogany and makore (or African Cherry), using both solid wood and veneered manufacturing techniques, and finishing with signature simple brass handles. What drew people to the range was the hark back to a more traditional style of English furniture, without delving into the realm of true antique. Minstrel provided the best of both worlds: modern, practical and functional furniture which looked as elegant as any 18th century piece. It was also great value, thanks to Stag’s efficient production methods.

This helped Stag Minstrel find a place in the market that was previously untapped, becoming a huge hit. The range remained in production for nearly forty years, but thankfully it is still available today right here at Vinterior.

Why buy vintage Stag Minstrel furniture from Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we specialise in furniture with character. Every item in our collection is completely unique, with its own particular style and story behind it. Our extensive collection of high quality items includes a vast selection of Stag furniture products, including beautiful collectables from the Minstrel range. You’ll find Stag wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables, chests of drawers and more right here in our collection.

The Stag Minstrel range is a fantastic example of the high quality vintage products included in our collection of pieces, but vintage furniture is not all we specialise in. We deal in premium items with plenty of character, regardless of age. So you’ll also find plenty of more contemporary and modern furniture items at Vinterior, as many leading brands such as Stag are still creating beautiful pieces today.

If you are looking for the best place on the web to search Stag Minstrel furniture, you’ve found it. Vinterior is the number one online marketplace for vintage, artisan, antique, retro and mid-century furniture. Enjoy browsing our collection today.

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