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A mirror is a key feature of many rooms. From the classic over-the-mantlepiece focal point in the living room to the practical bedroom mirror that is so useful for applying makeup, small vintage mirrors can be a perfect addition to any home. Take a tour of Vinterior today and find the perfect mirror for your space.

Small vintage mirrors for the home

Vintage mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Many feature wooden frames which have often been painted or restored to a range of stylish colours, from gold to distressed grey. Some have metal frames while others may be made from different materials like bamboo. Depending on the period that the mirror is from, there may be more unusual materials used to create a unique frame – materials as diverse as rattan and pheasant feathers have been seen decorating vintage mirrors.

Although some vintage mirrors are relatively plain in design, most are intricate with engraving or patterned detailing. Art deco pieces are especially appealing thanks to their frameless design, attractive shapes, bevel edging and unique appearance.

Small vintage mirrors come in a host of shapes, from geometric classics – circular, square or rectangular – to more unusual designs with curving or straight edges.

Mirrors: how we got here

Early mirrors were made using polished stone such as black volcanic glass obsidian. Mirrors of this style date back around 6000 years. Polished copper was also a popular ancient material for producing mirrors while mirrors made from other types of metal were common around the world.

The earliest mirrors to be made using glass with a metal back are believed to date from the 1st century AD, although it was the invention of glass blowing in the 1300s which led to convex mirrors being developed.

Over the centuries, mirrors have remained both highly functional while still retaining an attractive aesthetic. Even the ancient Egyptians frequently adorned their mirrors with intricate carvings and embellishments, and this is a practice that still continues today, with most small vintage mirrors being an equal mix of beautiful detail and practical function.

Why should I invest in small vintage mirrors?

There are very few homes that don’t have a single mirror in any of their rooms. The bathroom mirror is a standard feature in almost every property, while bedroom mirrors are highly functional and are commonly seen on dressing tables up and down the land. Living rooms, too, are often home to over-mantle mirrors, which form a focal point to the space. Although you could easily buy a modern mirror from a store, it won’t have the same level of authentic character and style as a vintage piece with a sense of heritage behind it. A vintage mirror reflects not only your face but also the rich history of the age it has lived through.

Find small vintage mirrors at Vinterior

Whether you are searching for a beautiful mirror to bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom, a bathroom mirror with something more to offer than mere functionality, or a stunning mantle mirror to be a talking point in your living room, Vinterior has the perfect piece for you.

Visit Vinterior today and find an impressive range of small vintage mirrors in a host of colours, styles and shapes. You’re sure to find something that reflects your taste in our extensive catalogue of furniture and accessories.

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