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Singer sewing machines for sale

There are some items that are absolutely necessary when it comes to decorating your home. These are practical items like beds, sofas and storage space. But then there are also purely decorative items which can add a real sense of fun and whimsy to your design, and this is where you can really let your creativity shine.

One such item is a Singer sewing machine. While these obviously have a practical purpose, these vintage items can also make fantastic decorative additions to any living or bedroom space. Using a vintage Singer sewing machine as an ornament in your home is a stylish way to keep people guessing with your décor. This is the touch of individuality your home needs, so explore the collection of Singer sewing machines available right here at Vinterior.

Why choose a vintage Singer sewing machine?

Believe it or not, a vintage Singer sewing machine can be a beautiful addition to any interior space. Singer is undoubtedly one of the most famous sewing machines brands in the world, with roots dating back to New York in 1851.

Since then, the company has become famous throughout the world for their iconic sewing machines. By 1876, the Singer brand was reaching cumulative sales of two million machines, showing just how popular they were in their heyday. But nowadays, Singer sewing machines are considered widely sought-after collector’s items, and therefore can be a real statement piece in any interior setting.

This is your chance to bring a little touch of history into your décor, displaying something with its own fascinating story to tell.

What to look for in a Singer sewing machine

Singer sewing machines don’t just look like your average sewing machines. With an antique feel, ornate detailing and lovingly crafted manufacturing, these are true works of art which can really stand out in your home. Singer sewing machines can double as attractive side tables, with iron bases and walnut tops boasting both dynamic designs and unrivalled durability.

Aspects of vintage Singer sewing machines like the hand crank help to show off the heritage of these items, inviting conversation and appreciation from guests as well as your household. These sewing machines are unmistakably Singer, featuring a sense of quality and luxury which is entirely synonymous with the brand.

Incorporating a period Singer sewing machine vintage style into your décor

There are endless ways to introduce a Singer sewing machine into your home. For the smaller models built for travelling, you can place them where you would normally place something like a floral display, such as the windowsill. This makes for a more interesting design statement.

Larger Singer sewing machines work well when doubled as end tables in the living room, or even bedside tables in the master bedroom. You can also use them as an attractive hall table to help your home make an excellent first impression.

The unusual look and feel of a vintage Singer sewing machine reflects the individual charm of vintage furniture as a whole, bringing an undeniable sense of character.

Why shop for Singer sewing machines at Vinterior?

Vinterior is your one-stop shop for the very highest quality vintage furniture. As the number one online marketplace for unique furniture, we offer an endless array of home additions each with their own character and story to tell, all in one place. Our vast collection includes thousands of retro, antique, upcycled, repurposed, contemporary and vintage furniture items from more than one thousand trusted sellers and celebrated brands. This allows us to offer only the most premium furniture.

So if you’re on the hunt for a vintage Singer sewing machine with its own story to tell, get familiar with the Vinterior collection today.