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A practical yet effortlessly stylish piece of furniture, sideboards have a place in every modern home. Originally emerging in the 16th century to take the place of impractical tables and shelving, sideboards rocketed into popularity and have remained in the collective consciousness ever since. Providing a surface on top which can be used in a variety of ways, as well as storage underneath, sideboards really do offer the best of both worlds. Vinterior has a spectacular collection of sideboards in antique, vintage and modern finishes to complement any home. Browse our website today to explore what we have available right now.

What are sideboards?

You may have heard the term but never been exactly sure what a sideboard is. If that’s the case it’s hardly surprising as sideboards come in an enormous variety of shapes and styles. Some sideboards are large items of furniture which dominate the room but there are small and understated sideboards too.

To help you choose your perfect sideboard from Vinterior, here’s a quick run-through of the different styles you might spot:Bow-front sideboard

This style of sideboard was particularly popular within the Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian eras and often accompanied by a design which featured slim legs. The name refers to the front of the sideboard which curved round, creating a beautiful facade.

Buffet sideboards

This style originated from Sweden in the 16th century and exploded in popularity in the 18th century. By the 19th century homes all over Europe were sporting this more open design. A decorative finish with open shelves and just a small area of closed storage were trademark features of this style.


This is a type of particularly ornate antique sideboard that is often used in restaurants or dining rooms. Beginning life in 14th century Italy, credenzas then moved into the dining rooms of the aristocracy offering a place for buffets to be served from. You may have seen a stainless-steel version of these in modern restaurants, but these pieces of antique furniture were quite the opposite: incredibly ornate, decorative and oozing elegance.

Dresser base

A solid and large type of sideboard, some items of furniture did not end their life as they began. Originally being created as a dresser, these pieces of furniture had the top halves removed. This left the bottom half as a sideboard, with cupboards for storage, a large surface top and a solid design.

Pedestal sideboards

Almost resembling a dressing table, pedestal sideboards feature a table in the centre flanked by storage either side. In the past, this storage may have been used for wine bottles or even hiding the chamber pot!


A very flexible type of sideboard, a chiffonier may have a shelf attached as a type of raised bookcase or else just present as a basic sideboard. Available in a range of styles, look out for ornate carving and finishing.

Carved sideboards

Sideboards that feature heavy carvings and a highly decorative appearance are typically much older, pre-20th century models. This antique style of sideboard often included materials such as rosewood, walnut, mahogany or oak to create the highly polished design.

Browse sideboards at Vinterior

Now you know your bow-front from your buffet sideboard, explore the range here at Vinterior to see what we have. Sideboards weren’t ever made to standard sizing so you’ll find a wonderful collection of unique designs to browse through.