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One striking yet effortless addition to any room is a perfectly matched wall mirror. Timeless in the way they slot into any environment, they also bring attention to the eye without becoming distracting; really bringing the mood in any chosen area to life. With hundreds of choices ranging from the beautifully ornate to the more modernist, browse through our shabby chic wall mirrors here on Vinterior. You’ll find that the character and effortless design from our pieces ensures you find your perfect match.

Why choose shabby chic wall mirrors?

You might be a long time lover of shabby chic styles, or maybe the design is completely new to you. Either way, you’re sure to see its appeal once you’ve taken the time to explore our online marketplace. The term shabby chic refers to a form of interior design which celebrates signs of age, wear and tear in furniture, using a piece’s history to bring out its unique character and charm.

While shabby chic most often conjures up thoughts of worn leather sofas and battered old chests or perhaps a distressed wooden table, a mirror can be a handy secret weapon for anyone looking to add an extra touch of the dishevelled.

Distressed Shabby Chic Mirrors for Sale

Large statement pieces that are ripped, torn or unrefined aren’t for everyone. While we are big fans of the shabby chic trend here at Vinterior there is no denying that some people would rather their statement pieces were a little more polished. Yet, the addition of a shabby chic mirror – perhaps featuring a distressed wood or oxidised metal frame – can be the perfect way to incorporate the many positive elements of shabby chic without going all in.

Hang such a mirror in your living room, hallway, kitchen or study and you’ll immediately add a heady combination of light and personality to your space – packing the same punch as any piece of wall art or traditional portrait.

There are many styles for your bedroom to choose from; truly diverse pieces that will be the perfect accompaniment to your comfort space and become a welcomed part of your routine. A simple hand painted shutter mirror can provide a look of elegance and classic chic to any dresser area in your bedroom, the comfortable and homely design and colours will only serve to complement the softness of the room.

Antique Shabby Chic Style Mirrors

An antique mirror in the bedroom can also punctuate a space that should otherwise be relatively calm and neutral – according to sleep experts, at least.

Why shop at Vinterior?

Vinterior is the number one place on the web for vintage, antique, artisan and retro furniture. Every item in our extensive collection of many thousands of pieces is completely unique, with its own fascinating story to be discovered. We seek out premium items of furniture with plenty of character, and we only source our listings from trusted sellers and beloved brands and designers. Shabby chic is a fantastic example of the stylish qualities of vintage furniture, which is durable and sustainable as well as being full of charm.

However, vintage is not all we specialise in at Vinterior. Our collection also includes a wide range of modern and contemporary pieces with all the same character and high quality you would expect from ornate antiques. This includes many modern pieces designed to possess the same charm of your favourite shabby chic styles.

Accessible and compatible throughout the home a shabby chic wall mirror will truly be a stunning and pragmatic inclusion to any environment. Both eye catching and classical, find your perfect wall mirror on Vinterior today.

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