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Shabby Chic Shelving may not be your first consideration when decorating your home, but it is an important one. Not only is shelving vital for storage, but it also offers an opportunity to display the items you are most proud of. The right shelves can also be a stylish standalone home addition, adding an overall sense of luxury to any space. Providing storage and display space whilst retaining character and craftmanship may sound hard to come by, but you will find many examples of stylish yet functional shabby chic shelves here at Vinterior. From the most industrial and edgy homes to those with a softer rustic charm, a shabby chic shelf is equally at home in a variety of different settings. Whether you wish to add a touch of character to your kitchen, living room or even your bedroom, you’re sure to find your perfect set of shabby chic shelves to complement any space in your home when you browse the items listed here at Vinterior.

Why choose shabby chic shelves?

Shabby chic furniture has been around for many years now – whether intentionally or accidentally, through wear and tear. Most people agree that the charm of this style comes from the informal, familiar and comforting look that accompanies it. In essence, shabby chic furniture can come from any era of history, whether 200 years old or 20 years old, each item brings its own sense of personality and charm. Indeed, there are many artisan furniture makers today producing items with a distressed look to capture that shabby chic effect, some of which you may find right here at Vinterior.

Reclaimed Wood Shabby Chic Shelves

Reclaimed woods are often used to create this type of shelf. Bringing a wild and natural timber into a domestic setting can have a powerful effect, transforming an otherwise uniform space into something much more mysterious and edgy.

If you desire your shabby chic shelves to serve as a centrepiece in any room, this is easily achievable. Features such as exquisite hand decorated pine can add a touch of chic to a room and become the focal point of anyone’s view.

Why shop at Vinterior for Shabby Chic Shelving?

Shabby chic is a prime example of just what vintage furniture can offer – that magic combination of character, charm and class. This is why, at Vinterior, you’ll discover a huge collection of vintage, antique, retro and mid-century furniture items from over one thousand trusted sellers, brands and designers.

The Vinterior collection includes many thousands of items, each one completely unique with its own individual story to tell. Despite the size of our collection, we only deal in the most premium items of furniture, so you can rest assured that when you shop at Vinterior you are only being exposed to the very best.

We may love vintage furniture here at Vinterior, but we also keep one eye on what’s new. That’s why our collection includes a large selection of more contemporary pieces, including stylish modern shabby chic pieces to introduce into your home. There really is something for everyone.

If you’re wanting to beautify a space and add extra storage without compromising on quality then look no further than shabby chic shelves here on Vinterior. With our genuinely unique range you are sure to find something for your home that you fall in love with. Browse our online store today.

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