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The shabby chic style has transformed the interior design world for the better. With its relaxed and rustic vibe, the shabby chic look is certainly popular with people from all walks of life. It’s not just home improvers with a keen eye for detail that appreciate the shabby chic look. Its artistic and elegant finish gives designers the freedom to be more creative, even in the transformation of less structured spaces. The shabby chic aesthetic wouldn’t be the same without the furniture pieces and accessories used to complete the look. After furnishing the space with larger furniture items like dining tables, wardrobes, drawers and coffee tables, accessorising with smaller pieces like the shabby chic mirrors is a must. Find inspiration for your interior by exploring our shabby chic mirror collection here at Vinterior.

Why choose shabby chic mirrors?

At first glance, shabby chic mirrors may not be essential furniture items. The use of mirrors in any space or room, however, plays an important role. An ever fashionable interior design style, shabby chic is often described as the epitome of French sophistication, a classic look that adds interest and elegance to any home. The use of mirrors within a shabby chic inspired room not only adds to the feeling of opulence, it helps to promote the warm and welcoming feeling that every home wants to exude.

Shabby Chic Mirror Sizes and Colours Available

Your shabby chic mirror does more than make the space look great. The mirror invites light and creates a feeling of space in any room, whether that’s the hallway, bedroom, lounge, kitchen or dining area. Available in a vast range of colours, sizes and finishes, our mirrors give you all you need to create contrast or to complement your selected scheme. Depending on the vision you have for your home, your mirror can be used to decorate coloured walls or pure white surfaces to guarantee a look that won’t go out of fashion for years to come.

Shabby Chic Style & More

The shabby chic style only helps mirrors stand out even more. With a plethora of styles, shapes and finishes to choose from, your mirror is capable of making a powerful statement all on its own.

One thing a shabby chic interior should offer is luxury, and the shabby chic mirrors we feature here at Vinterior have that in droves. Whether the mirror you select is vintage, new, reclaimed or upcycled, the distressed wood or metal and elaborate details will deliver that final flourish to ensure a beautiful finish. Buying vintage offers an excellent route to better quality and style, with shabby chic inspired pieces popular choices for the designers and home décor enthusiasts who shop with us.

Give vintage and reclaimed pieces with a backstory a brand new tale to tell and embrace a level of uniqueness, character and charm like no other.

Ready to get started with your vintage or reclaimed shopping experience? You’re certainly in the right place. As the UK’s number one online marketplace we feature listings from more than 1,000 independent boutiques and dealers, opening up a whole world of opportunities for your latest interior design project. Browse our selection of shabby chic mirrors now and discover the accessories you’ve been searching for to complete your look.

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