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Lighting is vital for creating atmosphere and ambience in the home, as well as having an obvious practical purpose. Lighting has the ability to bring any dim space to life and add an extra homely feel, but you need to make sure you choose the optimum lighting for your home. If you want a mix of rustic and modern style from your lighting, then shabby chic is the way to go. There are hundreds of shabby chic lighting solutions here at Vinterior, so enjoy browsing our collection today and let us light the way to great home design.

Why choose shabby chic lighting?

Shabby chic furniture is right on trend at the moment. This fun and slightly dishevelled style of of interior design celebrates the signs of wear and tear present on vintage furniture items, using them to bring character and interest into the home. The style is so popular that many modern furniture items emulate the shabby chic look by purposefully adding signs of age to piece which recall the look of antiques.

One of the most popular pieces of shabby chic furniture is a stylish shabby chic light. Although the style is often rustic and homely, it is also a versatile style, and this is true of our collection of shabby chic lighting. From stained glass to ceramics and more industrial styles, it is possible for almost any piece to become a little “shabby” as the years tick by. A shabby chic vintage wall-mounted candelabra acts as the perfect addition for anyone looking to add ambience and a touch of class to dining room, study or living area.

Alternatively, smaller scale rustic sconces and table lamps make a welcome addition to any corner or hallway that needs a jolt of character. Chic finishes paired with rustic signs of use helps even the smallest lamp stand out whilst simultaneously blending in with its surroundings.

We have an array of contemporary shabby chic lighting designs that are sure to complement even the most modern of spaces. Pieces such as those by world-renowned manufacturers like Boleslawiec use large copper shades and glass elements to make a great addition to any home office space or contemporary dining area.

Why shop with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior, all of our furniture listings are the result of passionate dedication and unrivalled craftmanship. With more than a thousand independent sellers featured on our online marketplace, our website is the leading place to source your shabby chic lights – whether it’s a ceiling light, lamp or sconce.

Alongside vintage items that have developed a sense of character as they have aged, you can also find upcycled and artisan lighting products from modern designers and craftspeople. What these items sometimes lack in age they make up for in charm and ingenuity.

Unlike today’s high street flatpack culture, all our pieces tell a story and possess their own individual style. With shabby chic lighting from Vinterior, even the most clinical environment can be transformed by the passion and spirit they bring.

We sell new, too

If contemporary furniture is more to your taste, then you can still find what you’re looking for at Vinterior. We also stock a gorgeous selection of contemporary and modern furniture to truly meet any need. Even within the shabby chic style, modern designs are available that never feel out of place. A shabby chic stained-glass hanging lamp is truly the best of both worlds. Classical in design, the stained glass will complement any shiny or modern glass surfaces in the home with the finest quality copper and tin.

Discover just how exciting lighting up your home can be by exploring the range of shabby chic lighting today. Browse the dazzling collection right here at Vinterior.