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We love the distressed look and ornate feel that goes hand-in-hand with shabby chic furniture. This iconic look has been a mainstay in the interior design world for quite some time, helping designers and home décor enthusiasts create the stunningly timeless finishes that they crave. Shabby chic sits at the very centre of our upcycled and vintage furniture collection. We bring the very best shabby chic furniture designers and sellers to the mass market so you can embrace the style every day in your own home. Take a look at our range of shabby chic furniture and discover a design that provides the perfect balance between art and elegance.

Shopping for shabby chic furniture

You can’t mention shabby chic without thinking of hardwood, bohemian-inspired sideboards. These pieces of furniture in particular have defined the shabby chic look, and paved the way for other ornately decorated furnishings and accessories. The use of natural materials takes precedence with shabby chic design. You’ll find these natural materials range from chunky hardwoods to ornate, hand painted metals to ensure a varied but uniform look can be created across a number of spaces.

What is Shabby Chic?

The aesthetic hasn’t necessarily evolved much since the term ‘shabby chic’ was first coined more than 20 years ago, but its solid bohemian look gives even less structured spaces a purposeful finish. The signature shabby chic style puts the wear and tear often hidden or remedied with other furniture centre stage, a fact that makes this particular interior design look popular amongst upcyclers as well as vintage furniture sellers and boutiques.

The pieces that are created and sold by our network of independent dealers put craftsmanship at the forefront of properties of all sizes and from all eras. Whether the shabby chic pieces you choose use white washing and distressing to add interest, or embrace more feminine ditsy prints to portray the look, a nostalgic feel is one thing that’s guaranteed.

Classic properties can also embrace the shabby chic look. Country creams and neutral colour schemes marry perfectly with shabby chic pieces to create a comforting and ageless farmhouse finish. Again natural materials play vital roles here, with the aged effect working in perfect harmony with oaks, cottons and linens.

Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

Every shabby chic design project should start with a neutral backdrop, but this doesn’t mean just opting for whites, creams and beiges. The rise of the industrial look means darker hues now help formulate many shabby chic looks - think greys, navy blues and even blacks. Light or dark, your furniture pieces will pull the entire look and room together.

Upcycled Shabby Chic Furniture for Sale at Vinterior

Buying vintage or upcycled shabby chic furniture is the way to ensure an authentic and unique look. At Vinterior, you can pick and mix furniture and accessories to create the ultimate shabby chic look, decorating every area of your home, from the edgy lounge and country style snug to the vintage inspired kitchen and romantic master bedroom.

Vintage Shabby Chic Furniture

While shabby chic vintage pieces offer a backstory and premium finish that’s unmatched, our upcycled and repurposed shabby chic collection delivers on uniqueness and character, meaning you get the pick of a variety of hand crafted items.

Want to create the shabby chic look for yourself? Get started by shopping with us. Our full range of furniture offers all the inspiration, décor ideas and statement pieces you need to transform your home in the most creative way.

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