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The shabby chic look is one of the most interesting trends of the moment. Stylish yet informal, the worn and lived-in look has overturned what we would traditionally look for in a piece of furniture. Where once the idea of chipped paint and gnarled woodwork would be frowned on as an imperfection, today it is very much in-vogue for homes to feel that little bit less polished. But there is no doubt that the shabby chic look works beautifully. And nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in large storage pieces such as dressers. Here at Vinterior you are sure to find your perfect piece, so browse our online store today for a shabby chic dresser.

Why choose shabby chic dressers?

A shabby chic dresser can act as both a statement piece and a complementary item in your kitchen, living or bedroom space. There is no shortage of options open to you, no matter whether you are looking to add to a farmhouse kitchen, mix up an ultra-modern space or add a bit of Danish charm.

Take a tour of our listings and you will find variations ranging from sturdy mid-century pieces to the more ornate French rustic chic pieces. And with a whole pallet of gorgeous colours to choose from, the French chic style dresser really does add an unrivalled touch of class and elegance.

When buying a dresser for your kitchen, living or bedroom space, consider what it is you wish to store and whether you are introducing a piece primarily for function or fashion. If style is your number one priority and you need your dresser to be arresting and bold, why not look to a vintage industrial dresser. Ideal for holding a few ornaments and even some show-stopping bottles of wine, an industrial dresser can make an otherwise neutral space look cool and edgy.

There are also pieces to cater for the more practical side of a dresser. Have you considered a vintage pine Welsh dresser? With spacious drawers and a rough, worn finish, this item is suited to holding all of your kitchen crockery, as well as your collection of electric appliances. Often available in a number of different colours, a pine dresser is durable and will serve you well for years to come.

Shabby chic dressers: why shop with Vinterior?

All of the items you’ll see on our store here at Vinterior are the result of great craftmanship and dedication. We have an amazing array of pieces for you; thousands of sellers provide looks from a range of eras and style. You will also see a commitment to the craft and restoration that goes into shabby chic pieces. We have truly unique vintage and ornate pieces; unlike the flat pack furniture found in the high street every single one of our items tells a story. This is truly the biggest bonus to buying shabby chic for your home. With modern spaces feeling more and more clinical, the uniqueness and warmth a shabby chic dresser will bring will never be understated or underappreciated.

We sell new, too

In addition to the classical and the ornate we also supply the new here at Vinterior; ensuring that if the modern look is the one you are wanting you will not struggle to find one under the shabby chic look. A modern and industrial style dubois dresser is one of many examples you’ll find.

Ready to find inspiration? The chic and rustic designs of our shabby chic pieces will not only catch your eye but also help any interior design ideas of yours flourish. Let our online store at Vinterior help you find your perfect match today.