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Display cabinets are designed for you to show off. As the name suggests, a display cabinet has a place in your home to keep all of your most valuable and prized possessions in full view. Yet it is important to remember that the display cabinet itself is far larger and far more impactful than the trinkets it contains. So, choosing the right style and look in your home is an important decision – whether it’s in your living room, study or hallway. Here at Vinterior we have a vast selection of shabby chic display cabinets for you to browse through. From the ornate and elegant to the contemporary and stylish, we have something for every need and taste here. No matter what your preference, explore our online marketplace now and find your perfect fit.

Why choose a shabby chic display cabinet?

With the modern home demanding more and more storage, the addition of a shabby chic display cabinet would not only be a characterful addition but a practical one. Perfect for displaying your favourite antiques or sentimental possessions, it can instantly become the centrepiece of any space.

The addition of a shabby chic display cabinet to any dining area instantly adds a touch of charm and warmth. Consider a French style display cabinet. The warmth of the wood is accentuated by the soft pastel tones radiating from these pieces. With sleek, slender edges and delicate glass doors these pieces won’t feel out of place next to even the most modern of pieces. While an antique or vintage French cabinet may have begun life in pristine condition, the wear and fading that has occurred over time serves only to add to its charm, and brings it firmly into the shabby chic category.

Any rustic-feel shabby chic display cabinet will also allow you to easily incorporate more textures into your social spaces. Pieces such as a corner display cabinet will instantly bring this desired effect; mixed with any sharp and vibrant potted plants it can bring a welcoming farmhouse feel. A corner cabinet also comes with the huge advantage on taking up minimal space in the home; the slender and ingenious design means it will slot into the corner of any home with ease and purpose. Many take advantage of corner pieces by adding them to their bedrooms, bringing not only needed functionality but also adding class to a space that can sometimes be bland and uninspiring.

Shabby chic display cabinets: why shop with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we have a huge selection to meet your every need. Browse our store and you will instantly fall in love with the pieces on display due to their history and craftsmanship. Unlike the often-understated feel that modern flat-pack furniture can bring, the addition of a shabby chic display cabinet will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. Visit our online store today to purchase your perfect piece.

We sell new, too

Not just set on the antique and ornate, here at Vinterior we also have a huge selection of more contemporary and current designs to make sure you never have to compromise when choosing your perfect piece. While the shabby chic look can come as a result of the ageing of a vintage or antique piece, it can also be crafted on new artisan pieces made by skilled craftspeople. Left unrefined and unpolished, the shabby chic look often reflects the natural beauty of wood cabinets.

Whatever your tastes, take the time to browse our online marketplace today. We are confident you’ll find both the furniture and the inspiration you are looking for.